Minutes approved at the Fall CCM.

Potomac Valley Swimming

Spring Competition Committee Meeting

Overlee Community Center

3060 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA 22205

May 13, 2015


·        Attendance – Manga Dalizu, Steve Menard, Tim Hamlet-UMAC, Tim DeLucia-PGPR, Bruce Andersen-HACC, Carol Wu-DRAG, Su-Chen Teng-DRAG, Ron Larkin-SDS, Mark Eldridge-RMSC, Adrien Thom-LMAC, Mike Clark-CSC, Matt Pelletier-FISH, Brian Pawlowicz-NCAP, Heather Haddock-MAKO, Greg York-YORK, Dan Jacobs-MACH, Merari Chollette-ERSC, Sam Brownell-SDS, Mike Kraeuter-BWST, Tim Kelly-NCAP, Emily Menard-HACC, Robert Davis-FAST, Elvin Foreman-ERSC, Mark Faherty-NCAP, Christine Vu-SNOW.

·        Welcome – The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm

·        Approval of Minutes from the Winter CCM – Motion to approve minutes from the Winter Competition Committee Meeting, seconded and approved.

·        Meghan Olivos Presentation – Over the past year she did a research study in the Eastern Zone on Coaches and what they were seeing on the deck with overuse shoulder injuries. Here are some of her findings:

o   Overuse shoulder injuries is misunderstood amongst PT

o   50% coaches reported one or more swimmer reported of joint pain…of those 96% shoulder.

o   Swimmers seem to be talking to their coaches, which is a good thing.

o   Do coaches know what to do? Is there support from PT’s, Physicians, etc. – There doesn’t seem to be much support.

o   Look at the ASCA Level 1-5 (1 &2 required). Did these education correlation with prevention practices – didn’t find any correlation.

o   Looked at years of coaching experience – doesn’t correlate either

o   Concluding that there doesn’t seem to be a good prevention program for swimmers.

·        Meet Schedule – 2015-2016 PVS Schedule has been set and approved in January.

o   Date Changes –

§  Possibly Mako Fall meet (to Sept 26-27) waiting for GMU to make final date decision.

o   New meets –

§  Oct. 24-25, 2015, Potomac Marlins, Ghouls & Goblins Mini Meet, Audrey Moore

§  February 13, Mason Makos, One Day Invite,  GMU

§  Motion to endorse the addition to two meets, second and approved.

·        OME – The use of OME in PVS was discussed. Every year there are frustrations using OME for teams, especially large teams. There were ideas of how to remedy these issues discussed.

o   The system seems old and out dated. Can we ask USA Swimming to do some update? Tom and Tim will be talking with USA Swimming about this.

o   One individual would like to see PVS Alumni swimmers be better accommodated so they can enter PVS Champ meet easier.

·        Outstanding Athlete Proposal – There has been an issue in PVS with how the Outstanding Athlete elections have taken place. There was a 3 person task force to come up with a proposal for a new procedure. Together they worked together, revised the OA nomination form and made some changes to the policy.

o   New application/nomination form will allow for all information to be listed in an easily and comparable fashion.

o   12 & U Award – PVS rankings (add handout)

o   13 & Over Awards – (add handout)

o   Everyone (all coaches) to have a review the nominations ahead of time.  

o   Applications will be due 10 days prior to the Fall CCM and then will be email out for review 5 days prior to the Fall CCM, so every coach/team will have the opportunity to review all nominations before the meeting.

o   Motion to propose the update to the Outstanding Athlete as presented, seconded, approved

§  What about Open Water – in the committee, they discussed it, but felt this was more for a pool event. But there is a line for additional accomplishment, where Open Water can be added.

·        Amendment to add to open swimming, not approved.

§  High School swims – only NAG records and can be added under “additional accomplishments”

§  The body asked for a committee to be formed to look at all application and come back to the body with their recommendation. The committee said that for now they feel it is best to have the coaches decide on the OA, not a committee.

§  September date, everything is more fresh in everyone minds. If the vote it was in January the committee felt it was too far and too much time.

§  Application must be reviewed and signed & submitted by the coach. A parent can complete the form, but the coach will be responsible for verifying all the information is complete and accurate.

§  The forms will be more standardized.

§  The subjective nature is not being taken out of this vote.

·        Amendment to take the names out of the voting process, seconded and approved

o   IF the names are taken out then some of the subjectivity

§  Propose to an Outstanding Athlete Open Water for the 15-16 season with the criteria to be determined and presented January, seconded and approved.

·        Some feel it should be part of the general OA awards

·        USA S has a separate OW award so

·        Let’s create an award to get people excited

·        JO’s – Steve looked at JO’s and 18 & U champs and is trying to control the numbers

o   In Junior Camps an athlete can’t swim the same event in JOs and JR. Champs,

o   Proposal to add the wording that you cannot swim the same events at Senior Champs that they swim in JOs, seconded and defeated.

§  One coach commented that they want their best swimmers at JO’s but if they are your top kids, then you also want them at Senior Champs and need the experience.

§  Since we just changed the format of Junior & Senior Champs, let’s see how that plays out so the kids can have the experience

o   JO’s is still getting larger. Moving to it UMD has been a good thing. Feels the relay times are ridiculous. Don’t want to remove relay only swimmers. Feels the relay qualify times need to be looked out and adjusted. They are still too slow.

o   Proposal that at least one swimmer on a relay in JOs must have at least one qualifying time in the meet, seconded

§  Amendment to increase the number to 2 swimmers, seconded and approved.

§  At JO’s all relay teams must have at least 2 swimmers on the relay must have a qualifying time for the meet, seconded, defeated.

·        Many feel the issue is the cuts.

§  Suggestion to make the relay time the composite of the four times plus 10%. This will work for some cuts.

·        Zone Coach elections –

o   SC Zones – PVS won in 2015. There were some 15-18s and relays. It was a good meet.

o   Election for LC Zone Assistant coaches. Motion to accept the following coaches by acclimation, seconded and approved.

o   Chris Schlegel-ASA, Nicole Harmon-SNOW, Liz Badley-HACC, Sam Brownel-SDS, Christine Vu-SNOW, Marye Carter-NCAP

·        18 & Under Champs – There is currently a roughly 50-50 split on if they use this meet is a Qualifier or is it a championship meet.

o   Propose to return 18 & U to a Championship format, prelims, finals with NFT and NST qualifying times for the 16-17 season, seconded

§  Withdrawn

o   Proposal to add a B/BB Champs meet after JO’s, seconded and defeated.

§  What about all the club meets that fall after JO’s. If these teams are not allowed to have their meets, then this champ meet would be too big.

§  There are a number of coaches who want a lower level champ meet, because the JO champ meets are getting faster and faster and there are kids getting shut out.

§  Since a new meet was shut down, can we change the name of the 18 & U Champs? Will think about this.

§  What about working with the club meets to have them come up with a more standard format

·        Junior/Senior Champs – GMU has now determined that PVS Junior and Senior Champs is no longer able to run in its current format.

o   Manga has come up with 3 options for the 2016 season.  (see proposal)

§  Motion Sr Champs (dual course-prelims), followed by Jr. Champs (dual course-prelims) and then combined finals, seconded and approved

·        There was a discussion

·        Board Reports –

o   General Chair – nothing to report

o   Admin – as of May 4 – 11,340 athletes, on 43 teams.

§  There are 70 coaches that have something that is expired. We have to have everyone up to date. They must be certified to be on deck. Looking to have a way to check them on deck.

o   Senior – as stated

o   Age Group – as stated

o   Coaches – nothing to report

o   Diversity – Kyle Barker was in the National Diversity Camp this past weekend. In June we are co-hosting the Eastern Zone Diversity Summit. This year we have 13 applications from PVS (2 years ago, we only had 2 interested). The EZ Diversity chair is looking to find a way to allow as many of these athletes in. If you are a coach and want to help, please let Merari know.

§  There are currently 33 outreach athletes, two years ago there were only 2. This is good, we are reaching more athletes.

§  May is water safety month. We want to think of ways to keep our population safe.

o   Athletes – nothing to report

o   Strategic – nothing to report

o   Officials – nothing to report

·        Eastern Zone Report – There is a reminder to get the USA Swimming Foundation on your website.

o   Next year both Sectionals will be LC because it is an Olympic year. On March 31-3 will be a Super Sectional in SC and both LC meets.

·        Meeting with VSI – Bill and Manga met with the VSI General Chair while at the EZ meeting. Trying to spread some good will.

·        Old Business – nothing submitted

·        New Business – nothing submitted

·        Fall Meeting – Wednesday, October 7, 2015 (location tbd)

·        Adjourn – motion to adjourn