Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting

Over Lee Community Center

3020 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22207

January 6, 2016


·         Attendance – Steve Menard – PVS, Mark Faherty – PVS, Greg York – PVS, Tim Husson – PVS, Bruce Andersen – HACC, Brian Pawlowicz-NCAP, Pete Morgan – NCAP, Meghan Edwards – MACH, Jorge Silva- TIBU, Mike Kraeuter – BWST, Matt Pelletier – FISH, Lynne Gerlach – MSSC, Oliva Bartholomew- UMAC, Aaron Dean – OCCS, Natalie Taylor – UMAC, Manga Dalizu – FAST, Mark Eldridge – RMSC, Erik Collins – SNOW, Tim DeLucia – PGPR, Adrien Thom – LMAC, Bill Marlin – PM, Michelle Blanton – YORK, Tim Kelly – NCAP, John Venit – PAC, Rory Lewis – SDS, Heather Purk – MACH, Kent Williams – RMSC, Dan Jacobs – MACH

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm, by Age Group Chair, Steve Menard

·         Approval of Fall Meeting Minutes  - Motion to approve the meeting minutes from the 2015 Fall CCM, seconded and approved.

·         Outstanding Athlete Vote – Ballots were handed out for the voting of Outstanding Athletes for the 2014-2015 year. Ballots were tabulated and a motion was made to destroy the ballots, seconded and approved.

·         OME – Quick review for 2016 SC Championship Meets:

o   Tim Husson gave general reminders on OME procedures. The question was raised as to why PVS continues to use OME. The was a motion to discontinue the use of OME. This was tabled until New Business.

o   Late entries – We voted on a new policy during the fall meeting. There is a way to enter a late entry with a fee.

o   IF coaches are pulling splits for entries, let Tim know so he can pull them ahead of time.

·         Suit Rules – Apparently there is a new women’s swim suit style with ties in the back. There are rules from FINA and USA Swimming against suits with fasteners. These suits with ties are considered fasteners and therefore not legal for competition.

o   Over the weekend there was a swimmer at the distance meet with a suit with ties. Tim did verify with the Chair of the USA Swimming Rules & Reg committee that this is in fact a rule. At the distance meet there was a swimmer with this suit and was asked to change it, she did and swam in a later heat.

o   The Officials are not going to be the “suit police”, but they will ask them to change if it is noticed.

o   A Flash Mail will be sent out

·         Reports

o   General Chair – We are looking for someone to handle the SC Zone apparel, if you are interested, let Steve know.

§  If you are interested in being the Distance Coordinator, let Bill know.

§  USA Swimming will be putting out a new website before trials.

§  AG Development Committee were asked at convention to ban tech suits for 12 & U swimmers. AG Dev Committee is talking about it, but are reluctant to come up with a rule on it, will more likely establish guidelines and let LSC/Clubs make their own rules. They want to have further discussions with suit manufactures.

§  As an LSC we can make whatever rule we want.

§  The idea is to even out the playing field, from an economic stand point.

o   Dave Greene (Zones), wants to get a feel as to what PVS wants to do with SC Zones. He would like to make a proposal to not go to SC Zones. He feels that clubs do not push the 13 & Overs go and it is the lower level of these age groups. He feels if we are going to go we should be trying to win. If we no longer did SC Zones, we would have more money for LC Zones.

§  There was a straw poll asking if PVS should pull out of SC Zones. A majority of those in attendance voted to continue to go to EZ SC Zones.

§  A second straw poll was taken asking if we continue to send 15-18 athletes. A majority in attendance voted to continue to send 15-18 athletes.

§  It was recommended to see how the spring 2016 SC Zones goes and then discuss in greater detail at the Spring CCM.

o   Safe Sport – Greg reported that he is still waiting to hear from teams, who their Safe Sport Rep is. Please send him your representative as soon as possible.

o   Athletes – nothing to report

o   Age Group – Will look into what the JO numbers are looking like.

o   Senior -  Travel Winter Jr ($250)/Sr ($450), the deadline will be January 31. Email Mark with all your requests.

§  JR and SR Champs cuts are up. There will be Senior Champs bonus cuts which will be added to the meet announcement.

§  Jr Champs will only have SC yard qualifying times, no LC m times will not be considered.

§  Reminder there will be a new format for the 2016 SC Junior & Senior Championships: Senior Champs prelims am, Junior Champs prelims late mornings, Finals and then Time Trials if there is time after finals

o   Coaches – January newsletter is posted on the website.

o   Open Water – nothing to report

o   Diversity – nothing to report

·         Selection of SC Zones Assistant Coaches – Ballots were handed out. There are 9 nominations, each team will pick 6 assistant coaches.

o   Motion to accept Liz Badley-HACC, Rob Green-DCPR, Megan EdwardsMACH, Kristina DeWeese-PM, Derek Young-NCAP, Michelle Blanton-YORK, seconded and approved.

o   Motion to destroy the ballots, seconded and approved.

·         Selection of LC Zone Head and Assistant Head Coaches – There one coach interested in each of the positions; Motion to approve Heather Purk (MACH) as the Head Coach and Jeremy Schineder (TIBU) and the Assistant Head Coach for the LC Zone Team by acclimation, seconded and approved.

·         Club Meet Bids for 2016-2017 season – The proposed meet schedule for 2016-2017 was handed out.

o   JO entries due date for 2017? Based upon several qualifiers.

o   Do we want to change the policy regarding club meets on the same weekend as PVS meets? Table for new business

o   Motion to approve the 2016-2017 Club Meet Bids as presented, seconded and approved.

·         December Meet Recap –

o   NCAP Invitational - 7200 splashes, 1600 athletes. Katie set AM record in 1000. UMD did a great job. Streaming video went well with Swimming World. Meet Mobile had a few issues. Timelines were good.

o   RMSC – Had a good time, went well.

o   SFWC – Good meet, worked well with GMU

o   Turkey Claus – went great, well managed, lots of people on deck

o   Christmas Champs – 1200 athletes, timelines manageable. Had a few issues with the facilities (blown circuits, etc).

o   Officials – All meets were well staffed. Seemed to go well from the Officials perspective.

·         Old Business – There was a discussion regarding empty lanes during summer LC Champs, Tim Husson looked at these numbers. Maybe the current format of having the scratch protocol for LC Champs no longer works, given the number of no shows and scratches.

o   A couple of years ago we want to all positive check in for LC meets.

o   Motion to have LC Senior and Junior Champs use the standard scratch policies we use during open meets starting the summer of 2016 seconded and approved.

o   Sunday distance scratch/check in timeline will remain the night prior to the events being swum.

o   What about Short Course? Do we want to see the same changes? Not at this time.

·         New Business –

o   FISH brought forth a proposal for Senior Champs for 2020 – to set it up as SC in prelims and LC in finals. 1. Provide another opportunity for trials 2. Might entice the top end swimmers to participate in our meet. 3. Giving top end kids a chance to swim LC.

§  Not as good of an idea – would have to split the Jr and Sr meets, coaches have voted to keep the two meets together. Additionally, there was a concern that the facilities will not be able to change the configuration quickly enough. GMU was contacted regarding the 2016 Championships and they indicated that they would not be able to covert the pool quick enough each day.  

§  In a previous year (2003/2007) we voted to go to Senior Champs as LC, however when we brought Junior Champs back that format makes it difficult to make LC for finals.

§  Pete said, we are still a SC nation and by doing LC we are doing our swimmers (a majority of the PVS athletes) we would be doing them a disservice by swimming LC at finals.

§  For 2016 there are a few additional LC meets added to the Zone Schedule

o   OME – The discussion on the use of OME for the PVS Championship meets continued.

§  Motion to make a recommendation to the BoD to do away with OME for the PVS Championship meets, seconded and approved.  (1 abstained)

§  Doesn’t feel it should be based on who the meet manager is or what they want.

§  RMSC – did it during the LC Champs, and like that they didn’t have to do all the entries, but didn’t have as much flexibility. If we are going to do something, then we should do it because it is the right thing to do.

o   Club meets on the weekend of PVS Open/Distance Meets:

o   In looking at the proposed 2016-2017 club meet bids there was a discussion to change/remove the current policy which does not allow Club meets of the same level to be on the same weekend as a PVS hosted meet.

§  Motion to remove the policy from P & P preventing clubs from hosting club meets on the same weekend as PVS Hosted meets and begin to allow club meets be hosted the same weekend, second and approved. (1 abstain)

§  One thought was to remove the policy all together

§  Concern that if we remove the policy then there may be times when PVS may not be able to secure a pool due to club meets and their relationships with the various facilities.

§  Amendment that PVS will have the first right to secure pool space for PVS hosted meets (Opens, Distance & Championships) first then clubs can secure pools for their own meets, seconded and approved.  

·         Next Meeting – Wednesday, May 18, 2016

·         Adjourn