Potomac Valley Swimming

Competition Committee Meeting


January 4, 2017



·         Attendance – Greg York-YORK, Natalie Taylor – UMAC, Bruce Andersen – HACC, Evan Stiles – AAC/PVS, Mark Faherty – NCAP/PVS, Dave DiNardo – PVS, Manga Dalizu – FAST, Mike Kraeuter -BWST, Tom Ugast – PVS, Mark Eldridge – RMSC, Lauren Eldridge (athlete) – RMSC, Brian Pawlowicz – NCAP, Bob Walker -ASA, Ian Handerhan – SDS, David Fisher – PGPR, Tim Husson – PVS, Kent Williams – RMSC, Aaron Dean – OCCS, Matt Pelliter – FISH, Lynne Gerlach – MSSC, Tim Kelly – NCAP, Dan Jacobs – MACH, Bethany Ellis – AAC, John Venit – PAC, Cherlynn Venit – PAC, Erik Collins – SNOW, Bill Marlin – PM/PVS, Blair Piddington – MACH/PVS, Heather Purk – PVS, Rob Green – DCPR/PVS

·         Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 7:07 by Mark Faherty, PVS Senior Chair.

·         Approval of Fall Meeting Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the Fall 2016 meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Old Business

o   PVS Outstanding Athletes (2015-16) – Information was posted on the PVS website and closed mid-November. At this time only three teams who have submitted nominations. Do any teams present want to open the application process for one more week and then vote.

§  Several questions were asked and then a vote taken regarding whether or not to open nominations another week.

§  Motion to open Outstanding Athletes Nominations one more week, second, defeated.

·         The general consensus was that we need to adhere to the deadlines posted.

·         Motion to close discussion and vote, seconded and approved.

§  Voting took place for the OA. Dave DiNardo counted the votes

o   Summer 2017 PVS Long Course Championship Meets Locations – UPDATE

§  Mark Faherty reported: As a reminder UMD and GMU are not available for the 2017 summer Long Course Championship meets. The past several months have been spent looking for alternatives for LC Junior, LC Senior and LC Age Group Champs. Here is what we have come up with after a lot of searching.

·         JR/Sr Champs will be held at GMU Freedom Aquatic Center the weekend of July 6-9. It will be in four full day format. We will decide in 8 lanes with a warm up cool down lane or all 10 lanes with breaks. The board and Meet Manager will make that decision.

·         AG Champs: The tentative plan will be at mornings at Rockville outdoor pool for the 11 & O, the 9-10 will be at KSAC in the afternoons, with finals at KSAC. There are still details to work out. The weekend will be July 20-23.

o   ASCA World Clinic in Washington, DC - September 2017 – John Leonard came to the Board during the USA-Swimming convention and asked if we would support the ASCA World Clinic this fall, since it will be held in Washington, D.C. What they are trying to do is get as many coaches there at possible. John has offered all PVS coaches a fee of $100 per person (including a 1 year ASCA membership), he also asked if PVS would support this by paying as many coach registrations a possible. The PVS Board has voted to support up to $10,000, so the first 100 coaches who apply will receive a free registration to the ASCA World Clinic in Aug 27 – Sept 2. Clubs can choose to pay for their own coaches still at the $100 per fee.

·         Board Reports

o   General Chair – First, the board met with the Jane Grosser from USAS for a strategic planning session. We have written a new Mission Statement and Vision statement now posted on the PVS Website:  

·         Mission Statement: PVS supports and promotes excellence for all through competition, education, innovation and leadership

·         Vision Statement: PVS: Leadership and excellence in and out of the pool

§  As part of that meeting, we also worked on our LEAP Level 3 (LSC recognition), we are almost done with Level 3. As part of Leap 3 it is a requirement for PVS to offer coach reimbursement for National Travel Meets. The board will discuss this and will bring it back to CCM in the spring with a recommendation.

o   Admin Chair – All teams have been doing a good job with registrations and recon reports. There are always a few little things. Now that the new year is here, we will be looking at Coaches. We will be checking at Championship Meets. We will be getting notices out to teams.

§  A list will be sent out to all clubs regarding the status of all coaches.

o   Operations Chair –

§  Tim reported there is a new website – the main purpose is so it more usable on Mobile devices, hopefully it is better. Tim is continually working on it a bit at a time. He welcomes any comments.

§  Initiated a task force to discuss the PVS Open Meets. We need to step back and take a look at what do we need, what purpose do these meets have in PVS? How do they fit team philosophy?  A task force will be working on ideas and will bring them back to the CCM.

o   Strategic Planning Chair – We will have a follow up meeting with Jane (USA Swimming – funds her to come) in the late spring/early summer. The meeting went very well and we are excited to get better strategic planning.

o   Senior Chair –

§  Travel assistance for athletes from winter: reminder that within 30 days the applications are due. RMSC, NCAP and SNOW did send in their requests in prior to the December BOD meeting, so they will be discussed and voted on at the January meeting.

§  Leap 3, as part of the requirements, we will need to give travel assistance as the regional (sectionals) and pro-series level – we are currently one of the only LSCs that doesn’t offer this. We will discuss further at the Spring CCM.

§  With Strategic Planning – For the Champ meet task force there will be info out, but will need Officials and athletes to contribute with all meets.

o   Age Group Chair – nothing new to report.

o   Safe Sport Chair – nothing to report

o   Diversity Chair – Black History meet is in February. Entries are due in about 3 weeks. It is USA Swimming’s premier multi-cultural meet. There are also some Diversity Camps, the applications are open/opening soon. Both Nationally and Zone level. If you have any swimmers that are multi-cultural have them looking into the various camps offered.  

o   Coaches Reps – Championship meets in March there will be a Coach Representative election. If you or another coach you know is interested in running please let Heather know. There will also be athlete rep voting at the same time. Please submit all names prior to the meets.

o   Officials Rep – nothing to report

o   Athletes Reps – Lauren – holding a Safe Sport Scenario on February 5 at Overlee. There will be a coach’s breakfast 9-11. 12 -4 there will be a discussion with athletes 12 & O.

·         Recap: December Championship Meets –

o   NCAP invite – Brian Pawlowicz, meet manager reported, the meet went well. About 100 athletes down, but more swims. UMD did a great job as usual. Only about a dozen complaints regarding having to pay admission to the stands. More injuries this year, but nothing too major. Air quality was not great, but should be getting better with the changes coming.  

o   Holiday Invite (RMSC) – Mark Eldridge reported that the meet went well. Would love it if other teams were interested in coming.  

o   Winter Classic (PM) – Bill Marlin reported that the meet was great. Most competitive and lots of fast swimming. Great meet management, GMU did a great job and few injuries.

o   Christmas Champs (MSSC) – Lynne Gerlach reported that the air quality was good at Fairland. Lynne said she will figure out the scoreboard…she is working on it! Meet went great. There will be donation made to the Foundation (RMSC, A Y Team from Maryland and ASA) in these teams names for winning their divisions. 1500 athletes, which is up by 350.

o   Turkey Claus (MACH) – Dan Jacobs reported that it was a Fantastic meet and great to have an opportunity for that level of swimmers. Air quality was fairly good for that weekend.

·         Selection of SC Zone Team Assistant Coaches – Blair Piddington, AG Chair, announced the nominees for SC Zone Assistant coaches;  Bethany Ellis – AAC, Christine Canty (MACH), Jim Gully (NCAP), Leslie Tomlinson (NCAP), Morgon Henderson-Kunz (MACH) and Dylan Jones (MACH).

·         Because there were only 6 there was a Motion to elect them all by acclimation, seconded and approved.

·         Selection of LC Zone Team Head Coach & Assistant Head Coach

o   For Head Coach: Heather Purk (MACH) and Jeremy Snyder (TIBU). Voting took place and Jeremy Snyder was elected as the Head Coach.

§  Motion to destroy ballots seconded and approved.  

o   For Assistant Head Coach: Marye Carter (NCAP) and Nicole Harmon (FISH) were both on the ballot

§  Motion to add Heather Purk to the ballot for the Head Assistant Coach, seconded and approved.

§  Voting took place and Heather Purk was voted in as the Assistant Head Coach.

§  Motion to destroy ballots, seconded and approved.

·         Club Meet Bids for the 2017-18

o   Motion to approve the schedule as presented with a change the date of the MAKO Spring Invite, seconded and approved. [MAKO changed the date from JO weekend to the following weekend]

o   Motion to accept the schedule as proposed, seconded and approved.

·         New Business

o   Do we still want to do OA in the same manner? Or do we want to make any changes. Do we want to go to with just one for 12 & U or one for 13 & O? Any other ideas? As part of LEAP, we have to have an athlete recognition program, but it is up to us as to how we recognize the athletes.

§  We need to clean up the voting process in a timing manner. We need to follow what we passed. Feels it is workable as it is set up, but needs to follow the proper manner.

§  Concerned about doing things just to achieve the LEAP level. Hope that we are doing things for the best of the athletes is in their best interest.

o   Disability Athlete – We have to vote on the Distance Athlete of the Year and a Disability Athlete of the year. Application have to be sent in.

o   Distance Award - The Distance is performance based and will come out of SWIMS.

o   SC Zones - We need to look at ways to get swimmers interested in and applying for the SC Zone meet. One idea was sending letting to the top 3-5 from the December meets in events inviting these swimmers to apply for the meet. Do we want to do this? Take the PVS top times list and identify those swimmers and send them a note. We could look at 12 & U only.

§  Based on a straw poll – sending out a letter is not desirable.  If the zone coaches want to talk to the swimmers to find out who is going to the higher level meets.

§  Come May, we will have to decide if we are going to continue with the SC Zone meet.

§  This is the last time the SC Zone meet will be done in the same format with the top 2-3 swimmers in each LSC. It is likely going to a qualifying times. Exactly what the format is has yet to be determined.

§  Maryland, New England and Virginia have already announced they are not going to participate any more. The other LSC are waiting to see what is going to happen.


Spring Meeting Date (Wednesday May 17 or Tuesday May 16 – HOD will be the next week)