As approved at Spring 2000 Competition Committee Meeting
All motions passed by the Competition Committee are recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.

January 17, 2000 -- 10:00 am
River Falls Community Center
Potomac Maryland

The Competition Chairman Ward Foley called the meeting to order. In attendance were:

Eric Moore AVST Thirl Crudup PVS
Steve Ercolano CUBU Manga Dalizu PVS
Eric Waananen HACC John Ertter PVS
Robbie Robins JFD Ward Foley PVS
Christopher Huott MSSC Jim Garner PVS
Dave Tonnesen OCCS John Hirschmann PVS
Bill Marlin PM Linda Klopfenstein PVS
Michael Pliuskaitis SNOW Greg York PVS
Peter Karl TCSD
Ted Pierson TCSD
George Massey YORK

General Announcements:

The Chair noted the omission in the September Competition minutes that Blair Cameron had been nominated and approved as Assistant Head Zone Coach. The minutes were approved unanimously as amended.

Steve Ercolano made an inquiry regarding the recording of votes at Competition Committee meetings. It was explained that this information was needed in order to determine who was entitled to ask that a matter be reconsidered at a future meeting. The Administrative Office advised that if the Committee wished to have such votes recorded in its minutes, it was prepared to do so. Discussion followed regarding the publication of such votes in the minutes and as to the procedures the BofD follows. The Committee agreed that votes at Competition would be recorded and included in this and all future versions of the minutes.

Reports from the PVS BofD:

General Chairman's Report:

The General Chairman provided his written report. He advised that in the interim he had received information from the Zone Technical Chairman regarding the possible structuring of Sectional Championships starting in 2001. Discussion followed regarding the status of planning for the sectional meets. It was acknowledged that planning at this stage was very tentative. It is hoped more will be known following meetings of USA Swimming scheduled for January 21-23. Steve Ercolano recommended that PVS as the LSC host one of the sectional meets and if the LSC chooses not to do so, it should be made available as a club run meet.

Operations Division Report:

The Operations Division Chairman provided a written report. John Hirschmann supplemented his written report by noting that attendance at the four officials training clinics had been quite limited, despite the Committee providing four opportunities and good weather, something that is not always the case in January. He also advised that the Safety Chairman was looking into the feasibility of permitting "Over the Top" starts at future PVS meets.

Discussion followed regarding the Operations Division Report, including a statement regarding the degree of support provided by the host club at JO's. The Chair expressed the view that any specific issues regarding club meets should be taken "off line" and directed to the committee with which there is an issue.

Coaches Report:

Recommendations from the December 18, 1999 meeting of the Records Committee were distributed. Greg asked attendees were asked to to make two changes to report that was distributed. Where the document reads "Resident - Any (insert the word registered) swimmer…." and at end of same sentence "approved/sanctioned (insert the word observed) meet." Discussion followed regarding the criteria for being eligible to receive a PVS Open or PVS Resident Record. Steve Ercolano was added to the sub committee. The issue was tabled and the committee will meet and give a further report at the Spring Competition Committee meeting.

Senior Swimming:

Jim Garner provided material pertaining to clarifying the SC Junior Champ qualifying rules and the circumstances under which you may enter SC Senior Champs from SC Junior Champs. Discussion of the report provided followed.

It was noted that only observed swims from high school meets could count as a QT. If an athlete has a SR Champ QT from a HS meet (but chooses not to use it to enter SR Champs) then enters and swims JR Champs but does not make the SR Champ cut, the athlete can not therefore use the time achieved at the HS or other observed meet to enter SR Champs. The athlete is either a SR Champs qualifier or not. Swimming at JR and not using a recently achieved, SR Champ QT does not give the athlete the opportunity to use the HS time as a QT for another meet.

Motion: Athletes having a 100 back, breast, or fly PVS SR Champ QT cannot swim that stroke in the 200-medley relay at Juniors. Motion Fails 2-8

Discussion regarding sectional meets for the Eastern Zone. The Zone's Technical Chairman has made a preliminary proposal that there be two sectionals within the Zone. PVS would be in a section, with VA, MD, AM and MA. Most in attendance felt five LSC's y in one section is too many and that the meet would be too large. Thirl Crudup, along with other Eastern Zone General Chairs, is looking at 3-4 sectional meets for this Zone. Jim Garner will be putting the proposal received from the Zone Technical Chairman via email to all PVS coaches to get comments and thoughts to Thirl by January 31, 2000. Thirl will consolidate the LSC's comments and provide to the Zone.

Travel reimbursement: The body was informed of the changes made by the PVS Board to the Competition Committee's recommendation for Reimbursement for travel to the Spring 2000 Juniors and Nationals. ["Spring Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement is 9 events, at least 6 of which must be in PVS Sponsored Meets and the remaining 3 which must be in PVS Sanctioned Meets.]

Discussion followed. Greg York stated he supported the BofD decision to increase required number of events. Thirl Crudup stated the BofD reviewed the recommendation of the Competition Committee and of the 11 voting board members 8 were present at the October BofD meeting, and all agreed 9 events are not too much to ask from our athletes to participate in to qualify for travel assistance.

It was further noted the requirement to be reimbursed for summer 2000 travel for Juniors and the Olympic Trials was also changed. ["Summer Travel Criteria for Travel Reimbursement is 4 events 2 of which must be in PVS sponsored meets and the remaining 2 which must be in any PVS sanctioned meet."]

Linda Klopfenstein reminded the body that if a swimmer makes finals and then scratches the swim does not count towards meeting the travel criteria.

Open Water:

Jim stated that PVS currently does not have a policy regarding reimbursement for travel to National Open Water Championships. Jim announced he has formed a committee of himself, Kerry Ellett, and Kurt Thiel to develop such a policy. Anyone else wishing to participate on the committee should contact Jim Garner.

Travel reimbursement amounts for Trials was discussed. John Ertter, Finance Chairman stated that the BofD has that matter under review and that the dollar figures are still under review pending further evaluation of the budget and cash flow. Discussion followed and a concern was expressed over the delay by the BofD y in deciding these amounts. John reminded everyone that Potomac Valley is a large organization and the LSC has been operating under a deficit over the past several years, and we must treat this like a business.

Age Group Division

The Chair reminded everyone that Age Group Champs meet announcement was mailed and posted on the web. Concerns were expressed regarding the availability of Prince George Sports & Learning Complex. Thirl responded to the body that the pool is available and ready to accept and host the meet on February 24-27, 2000. The Grand Opening is scheduled for March 18 and there will be a temporary occupancy permit for AG Champs. The concerns that have surfaced to the public in various forms of news are politically motivated and not facility/mechanically driven. Thirl stated he is in regular contact with County officials and has given them a drop-dead date of Thursday, January 20, 2000. He reminded the body that there is a back up pool in place in the form of Wakefield Park.

Zone Team

The Chair reported the Zone Team Coordinator has advised that over 300 applications were received. The Head Coach, Bob Walker is planning a 12 & Under Zone Team Camp at SR Champs, directly after Prelims. Details will be published. Greg York volunteered to help with the Zone Team Camp. The Chair directed him to contact the Zone Team Head Coach. Mark Eldridge who is maintaining the Zone database will be removing all non-applicants and have a condensed list as soon all applications have been processed.

SC 99/00 Review

Concern was expressed from the body regarding the conditions of Mt. Vernon Pool, which was one of the sites for the November Open. Discussion followed and the consensus was that we would not use that facility in the future, so long as it remained in its current condition. Irene Millman informed the body that facility is currently not on the SCY 00/01 schedule.

LC 00 Schedule and Bids

The LC meet schedule was discussed. Bids for the LC season had been reviewed as provided for in PVS Policy and Procedures by the Age Group and Senior Chair and the two elected coaches representatives. These recommendations are still subject to the approval of the PVS Board. The committee made no recommendation regarding the May Distance Meet. The Chair will discuss the desire of the previous host to continue to run that meet and if appropriate will subsequently update the schedule. Note: The schedule attached to these minutes reflects the outcome of that discussion and was included in the motion that the PVS Board approved.

SC 2000/01

The schedule for PVS sponsored meets was reviewed and copies provided attendees of venues currently committed by PVS and who had been awarded the meet for the prior season. The Chair noted some possible issues regarding the schedule. The November Open is on the schedule for Nov 18 & 19. The body was informed that due to facility availability that the Nov Open would either be split between two weekends or could only be held in MD pools. Discussion followed. The body was desirous to keep the entire meet on the same weekend. If three MD venues are available without any site restrictions then the meet will proceed as in past years. If 2 venues were available, 2 courses would be run with a different format. A Committee of Dave Tonnesen, Peter Karl, Mike Pliuskaitis, Chris Huott, Bill Marlin and John Hirschmann were formed to review possibilities.

Changes were made to the previously approved schedule. The January 2001 Open was moved back by one weekend from January 20-21 to January 13-14. Due in part to snow make up dates making FCPA facilities potentially unavailable The January 13 & 14, 2001 dates will allow for three venues, with one in Virginia. The January Distance meet was moved to January 20-21, 2001 (from January 6-7) Age Group Champs 2001 has a tentative date of Feb 22 to 25, 2001 with a 3.5 day format similar to that now planned for AG Champs 2000.

JR Champ has a tentative date of March 8-11, 2001. This was based on assumption Sectionals would be March 1-4, 2001. It was noted that USA Swimming Nationals would now be between March 27 and April 2, therefore, it is quite possible sectionals could be as late as March 15-18. Discussion followed regarding possible changes in the sectional dates and giving PVS athletes an extra opportunity to qualify. Dave Tonnesen expressed concern about PVS JR being after PVS SR. The Chair suggested further review of the championship schedule for SC 2000/01 at Spring Competition once the date for Sectionals is better understood. The body suggested a schedule, if possible of AG Champs, JR Champs, SR Champs, Sectionals--4 weekends in a row. This would allow for progression through the meets building toward sectionals. Thirl asked the Chair for a list of suggested dates to reserve PGS & LC.

Zone Coaches

Discussion followed regarding the election of two additional Zone Coaches. There was debate whether the addition of two coaches was necessary or could the Zone Team go with four coaches. Additional debate followed as to the procedure to be used to elect Zone Coaches at this meeting. Questions were raised as to whether it was permitted since it fell outside of Policy and Procedures. Greg York, Thirl Crudup, and Irene Millman explained to the Chair and the body why this was taking place now and why the BofD did not accept the Competition Committee's motion from September. Further debate occurred and a motion was brought forth: Written ballot vote on the three nominations that were received by the office prior to the deadline as set forth in the October issue of Potomac Valley Voices. Irene Millman read the nominations; they were Ward Foley, Dave Green and Harry Hinke. Election by secret written ballot was conducted. Irene Millman announced the Two Zone Coaches as Ward Foley and Dave Green. Motion to destroy the ballots. Passed unanimously

Old Business

Bill Marlin reported on a motion to change the criteria for the Age Group Athlete of the Year Awards. Discussion followed and it was agreed the proposal would be reviewed later in the meeting.

Concern was expressed that the CUBU athletes that carried the awards at World Cup wore CUBU club shirts. Discussion followed. It was explained that although almost all other volunteers wore World Cup shirts, the athletes were instructed to wear their club shirts, as were the NBAC athletes who carried awards on the other night this was Murray Stephen's decision.

New Business

Steve Ercolano presented proposals regarding changes in revenue sharing for meets in 2000-2001 and establishing a coach's national travel share. It was based on the assumption that there would be a substantial surplus available to PVS in FY '01 as result of longer funding travel to Speedo Juniors. Discussion followed. A motion was made and subsequently withdrawn. Steve instead asked the BofD to please review his proposals and consider them when preparing the 2000-2001 budget.

Peter Karl raised the question about following Roberts Rules of Order (RRO) and how P & P and PVS By Laws affect the need to follow these rules. Discussion followed. Linda Klopfenstein informed the Committee that she had received several copies explaining RRO and will provide them to the Administrative Office for distribution to members of this Committee and the Board. It was noted that PVS 's by-laws provide that RRO govern "PVS and any of its constituent or component parts, committees, etc." It was noted by the General Chair that the By Laws supersedes the PVS P & P.

Old Business

The Athlete of the Year program was again discussed and the "selection process portion" of the report was tabled. There was review of the Motion for age group categories. Amendment # 1 was to change to the 9-10 category to 10 & under. PASSED. Proposal # 2 Dave Tonnesen made a friendly amendment to change the 17-18 category to 17 & over. PASSED. Subsequent to the vote, Greg noted that we now have 17 & 18 Y/O athletes competing with college and Olympic athletes.

Mike Pliuskaitis raised the question as to what was being done regarding the 13-14 year old age bracket as part of JR Champs. There was no discussion.

Closing Items.

The Chair reminded the body that his tenure was up in August 2000.

The body was also reminded that Short Course Bids are due March 15, 2000.

Spring Competition Committee Meeting will be Saturday, April 29, 2000 at 10:00 am @ River Falls. [Note: The date was subsequently changed to May 3, 2000 at 7:00pm -- still at River Falls.]

Motion to adjourn. Passed. Meeting adjourned at 12:48 p.m.