Approved at WINTER 2001 Competition Committee Meeting
All motions passed by the Competition Committee are recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.

October 25, 2000 -- 7:30 pm
River Falls Community Center
Potomac Maryland

In Attendance were:

Ward Foley AAC George Massey YORK
Eric Moore AVST Victor Abrahamian VSC
Rick Curl CUBU John Blaschke PVS
Kerry Ellett CUBU Thirl Crudup PVS
Manga Dalizu FAST Jim Garner PVS
Dave Tonnesen OCCS John Hirschmann PVS
Mark Eldridge RMSC Kit Mathews PVS
Bill Schectman RMSC Bob Walker PVS
Kent Williams RMSC Greg York PVS
Peter Karl TCSD

Meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm by Competition Chair Jim Garner. The CC Chairman reminded the body that there is one vote per club and the Coach representatives each have one vote. 9 clubs and the two coaches representatives were present.

Greg York made a brief statement regarding the applications for the upcoming Gold Medal Camp.

Jim Garner briefly explained the outcome of the Zone meeting held at convention regarding LC Sectionals. The meet will be a 3 day format and the QT will be set with the expectation of having a 3 hours session not including Relays or Distance. The QT will be close to the published LC times for spring sectionals. The QT times are expected to be complete by 12/31/00.

The Long Course schedule presented and discussed by the Competition Committee in September was approved. The deadline for Long Course bids was set for 1/9/01

Jim Garner explained the changes to the SCY sectional meet as they came out of the meetings held at the USAS convention. The dates would remain the same, however, there would only be one course unless absolutely necessary to go to two course. The meet would remain a 3 day format but the QT times would get significantly faster - much closer to the former Speedo Junior times.

Jim Garner made a motion to leave the SCY schedule as it was approved in June by the BoD.

Discussion followed - The question was raised regarding the BoD willingness to support the schedule as recommended from the Competition Committee. Jim expressed for the 6 other board members present that he felt the Board would endorse and approve the schedule forthcoming from the committee. Motion Failed 3-6.

An open discussion of various proposals followed. The following issues were raised. If PVS JR & PVS SR were combined in March is there a facility available large enough to host that a meet of that size and run two courses; who would host the meet since there are currently two different teams running JR and SR Champs; having SR champs in Jan. and a second SR Champs in March and a JR Champs in March deludes the schedule. Further discussion along those lines continued.

Jim Garner made a Motion to leave SR Champs in January. Brief discussion followed - Motion withdrawn.

Dave Tonnesen made a motion that there be one combined meet, two courses, At PGS&LC, March 1-4, 2001 all the swimmers would be together, current Jr Champs cuts NST and no NFT, 3 heats per event back at night.

Friendly amendment from Greg York, unlimited relay entries only two teams score, 3 day format. Accepted.

Discussion followed. Concerns were raised about the 15 & overs not having a good opportunity for a second swim at night with no top end cuts. Further discussion followed regarding the time lines and some minor logistical issues. Motion Passed - Unanimous

The floor was open for discussion regarding what to do with the previously scheduled January SR meet. Discussion followed and suggestions regarding whether this should remain a PVS meet, be cancelled, or give the club the option of running a club meet - possibly a LC meet. Further discussion regarding the now SCY Championship in March and who should host, would CUBU and RMSC co-host. Jim Garner stated the Meet Award committee would discuss it and work that out between the two clubs.

The possible format of the January meet was discussed. The consensus was the meet should remain on the schedule and that Jim Garner and Kit Mathews would formulate a format. John H. suggested an email poll by the Sr. Chair to get some ideas as to what type of meet would be most popular, he agreed to do so.

The next Competition Committee meeting date was discussed and set for Sunday, January 21, 2001 at River Falls at 2 pm (Subsequently changed to 3:00pm.)

Meeting adjourned at 8:36pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Irene Millman

Potomac Valley Swimming