As APPROVED at WINTER 2002 Competition Committee Meeting
All motions passed by the Competition Committee are recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.

September 20, 2001 - 7:00 pm
River Falls Community Center
Potomac Maryland

Present Were:

Ward Foley AAC
Rick Curl CUBU
Kerry Ellett CUBU
Matt Gibert CUBU
Manga Dalizu FAST
Niels Moore MAKO
Chris Huott MSSC
Bob Lindberg OCCS
Todd Benedick RMSC
Kent Williams RMSC
Terry Joiner TESC
Peter Karl TCSD
Dale Lewis TNT
Victor Abrahamian VSC
George Massey York
Matt Dugan PVS
Jim Garner PVS
John Hirschmann PVS
Bill Marlin PVS
Bob Walker PVS
Greg York PVS

The meeting was called to order by Sr. Swimming Chairman Jim Garner at 7:09pm. Competition Chairman Bob Walker was late arriving and asked Jim to start the meeting in his absence.

Reports from PVS Delegates from USAS Convention

Greg York reported briefly on the Club Development meetings attended by him and Irene Millman. Although no legislation was brought forward this year the committee is still trying to provide some formal program regarding new clubs

Many coaches in attendance at the committee meetings expressed concern that the $750.00 one-time fee was not enough and it should be more like $5,000 - others said the cost was too prohibitive. Concern over recruiting was discussed at length. (For further details see the Administrative Report of the September 2001 Board of Director's Meeting)

Greg York Further reported there was brief talk of making the Spring Nationals a 18 or 19 & under event similar to the former Junior National Event - but that was tabled until 2003 convention.

Kerry Ellett reported on several other issues coming from convention most importantly the November 1 2001 effective date for water depth of "teaching" racing starts.

  • Backstroke rules changes to bring USA Swimming text in line with FINA - no perceptible change to USA Swimming Coaches or Athletes.
  • 5' Rule for Teaching Racing Starts - all teaching of racing starts must be done in a minimum of 5 (five) feet of water regardless of use of blocks.
  • 2002 Spring Nationals and all Spring Nationals from that point forward will be LCM.
  • 2003 Spring Nationals will be one week earlier - possible NCAA date changes as well
  • 18 and Under Scoring at Nationals will now be to 16 places
  • No Dues increase for 2002
  • Consideration of dues increase is proposed to assist in funding increased television coverage
  • Rule change passed to make all years a 50% year - the 90% rule was instituted to reduce controversial or abundance of legislation, based on recent history that is no longer necessary.
  • The budget was passed with no opposition
  • A line item was included for the club excellence program - not finalized but will include a rating system based at least in part on number of National and Olympic qualifiers
  • Summer 2001 Nationals had on-line entries of almost 50% with only 7% requiring proof of times.
  • World Championship Coaching Stipends to coach of record and 1 developmental coach (who coached the athlete for a min of 3 years from age 11-18) of Gold Medallists. $25,000 per medal to each coach. It was noted that the Athletes also receive funds in excess of that amount.

Outstanding Athlete Selection
The following athletes were elected from the nominees submitted



10 & Under

Morgan Ribar




Nilasha Ghosh




Leslie Swinley




Amanda Burke




Rachael Burke




Marshi Smith




10 & Under

Sean Stewart




Phillip Hinrichsen




John Kreitler




Michael Ott




Yuri Sugiyama




Ed Moses

The Distance Award Winners were announced as follows (based on times from the PVS searchable data base):

  • Women Distance Awards
  • Yards - 1000 Free Rachel Burke CUBU 9:42.39 at Sectionals 3-15-01
  • Meters - 800 Free Rachel Burke CUBU 8:45.02 at Santa Clara 6-28-01

  • Men Distance Awards
  • Yards - 1650 Free Steuart Martens CUBU 15:54.94 at Sectionals 3-15-01
  • Meters - 1500 Free Yuri Suguiyama CUBU 15:59.39 at Summer Nationals 8-14-01

The Competition Chairman, Bob Walker acknowledged these apparent winners and asked if any Coach could prove a faster time, he do so before their approval at the next BoD meeting.

Award Location
Motion: Younger athletes awards will be presented at 14 &b Under JO Champs and the older athletes will be presented at SCY Champs. If there is any overlap it is at the discretion of the Awards Chairman Eric Moore to make the arrangements as appropriate. Passed
Review of the 2000 LCM Season

Peter Karl encouraged the Zone representatives that they always vote toward Sectionals being in an indoor pool. Rick Curl indicated that swimming at this level outdoors is positive preparation for meets like Nationals such as this past summer's 2001 Sr. Nationals in Clovis. No other concerns were raised.

2000 LC Zone Meet Report
see Report as submitted by George Massey

Concerns were raised regarding how relays were pulled together George Massey indicated the Zone Coach Staff went to every effort to communicate with PVS Coaches in the stands and did their best to keep the relay teams and athletes up to date on the status of the participants.

Zone Team
2002 SCY Zone Coach Selection -
Head and Assistant head coach selection
Nominations were held and George Massey was elected as Head Coach and Evan Stiles Was elected as Assistant Head Coach
SCY 2000/01

Review of upcoming season
Bob Walker and John Hirschmann briefly described the changes to the October and November Opens. The addition of 50 stroke for the 13 & overs athletes and the addition of 200 stroke for the 12 & Under athletes. Additionally for the November Open 5 swims per day will be allowed to give athletes an additional opportunity to swim certain events.

RMSC indicated that they would be at approximately 50% of last year's numbers and we should plan accordingly.

Dale Lewis of TNT raised concern over PVS's ability to rent pool time in Montgomery County - this issue was brought up when it was announced we would have one site for the October Open at Capital East Natatorium. Irene Millman responded that with 2 FCPA pools down and RMSC hosting 2 club meets in October and November that renting became more difficult with PGS&LC late announcement they would not rent on Redskins weekends.

A brief discussion followed and Bob Walker indicated that is one reason why we would be setting the 2002-03 SCY schedule along with the 2002 LCM schedule this evening to give Irene more lead time in booking pools.

Jim Garner raised the question to the body regarding SCY Champs - did they feel it worked well, does it need to be one meet or two?

Greg York indicated as did several others that the meet was fine and that PVS and the Meet Host should enhance the meet to raise the level of excitement by including a DJ, announcer and medals and awards ceremonies. This was agreed upon by the body without further discussion or motion.

Chris Huott requested that consideration be given to making the events at Open Meets 10 & under. Discussion followed and it was agreed that this was not appropriate for consideration for the 2001-02 SCY season, as those meets had already been awarded. Mixed opinion for the 2002-03 season.

Motion: The Sr. Chair is directed to review the cut times and keep the sessions to a maximum of 3.5 hours per session. Passed
LCM 2002 Schedule
Motion to accept the schedule as attached. Passed It was noted that Curl-Burke Swim Club would host the LCM Sectional Meet this summer at GMU - July 26-29, 2002
SCY 2002-03 tentative schedule

Discussion regarding the calendar followed after the body had a moment to review. As it was explained earlier one reason for setting this schedule earlier was to allow the Administrative Office more time to negotiate with facilities regarding rentals. It was pointed out that clubs have much closer relationships with pools and their staff and it becomes difficult at times for PVS rent pools for PVS sponsored meets with the increase of club sponsored meets.

Ward Foley suggested that the only meets on the PVS schedule should be the two spring championship meets (SCY Champs and 14 & Under JO Champs). Lively discussion followed and it was pointed out by Greg York that it is the responsibility of PVS to provide competitive opportunities equally for all clubs. He and others further pointed out with certain pool access difficulties that some clubs might not have the option of running meets to fulfill their competitive needs.

Motion: To approve only the two Championship meets on the schedule. Failed

Further discussion regarding when high school championship meets and other USA and college meets would be occurring.

Motion: Approve the proposed schedule giving the Administrative Office the ability to move the Championship meets as far away from the High School Swimming Championships and reasonable flexibility to move the October and or November Open to accommodate Redskins Weekends. Passed

Senior Swimming

Sectional & PVS Junior/Senior Championship Qualifying Times - update & review.
It was reported the Convention Zone meeting that there was no reason per the region to change the cut times for the SCY meet from the times used in 2000. Meet announcement will be posted by the host club shortly.

Set Travel Reimbursement Rates & Requirements (Spring)
Motion: To maintain the current travel reimbursement rate and requirements of $450.00 and 9 swims (6 at PVS sponsored meets and 3 at either PVS sanctioned club or PVS sponsored meets). Passed

Motion: To treat all college athletes equally regarding travel reimbursement. The standard be the same regardless of location of college. Passed

Motion: No NO Time, Non-conforming or converted time entries for PVS LC JR Champs Passed

Age Group Swimming

Nothing further to report.

Reports from the BoD

No other Board Members present with anything to report, The Chair, Bob Walker introduced the two new board members present, Matt Dugan - Athlete Representative and Bill Marlin - Jr. Coaches Representative.

Old Business

No Old Business

New Business

No New Business

Meeting adjourned at 9:20pm

Respectfully submitted,
Irene Millman

Potomac Valley Swimming