All motions passed by the Competition Committee are only recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.
SEPTEMBER 21, 2002
  1. The draft minutes of the May, 2002 Competition Committee meeting were amended so that top times for the 2003 EZ from the following time frames would be considered.

    10&U, 11-12 and 13-14 -- 9/1/02 through Sunday of 14/ JO Champs (3/9/03)
    15-18 -- 9/1/02 through Sunday of Speedo Championship Series (3/23/03)

    Note: This motion was not referred to the PVS Board and therefore was never acted upon.

  2. The CC was advised that the Zone Manager would have difficulty processing entries for the 15-18 age group with a March 23 cutoff and a March 25 entry deadline -- given the need to also determine interest in participating.

    Therefore the CC amended its prior recommendation to make the qualifying period for the 15-18 age group to 9/1/02 through the Sunday of PVS SCY Championships (3/2/03).

  3. Athlete applications will be accepted through the last day of the qualifying period for the respective age groups.

  4. Concern was expressed that given the time span between the end of the selection period and beginning of competition, some athletes may reconsider their decision and choose not to compete. Accordingly, the athletes portion of the cost of participating will be due very soon after the entry deadline (when position on team is accepted) and be non-refundable thereafter. In the event of subsequent resignations from the team, the EZ Head Coach shall have authority to make substitutions from the relevant top times list after also taking into consideration whether that athlete has been training in the interim.

  5. No nominations were received in advance for 2003 PVS EZ SC Head Zone Coach or Assistant Head Coach. The CC agreed to accept nominations from the floor. Evan Stiles was nominated. His nomination was accepted by acclamation.

  6. The Committee agreed to accept the nomination of Michael Pliuskaitis as Assistant Head Zone Coach. It agreed that his prior coaching experience was an appropriate substitute for absence of zone experience. The committee supported his nomination by majority vote.

  7. CC members were provided an opportunity to review the applications that were submitted for considered for the 2001-02 Outstanding Athletes and were then provided an opportunity to vote. The following swimmers were elected.

  8. Women Men
    10/U Jennifer Kotonias Zack Wepasnick
    11-12 Suzanne Schwee Alex Ray
    13-14 Leslie SwinleyAlex Anderson
    15-16 Kassandra Kugler Ryan Hurley
    17-18 Rachael Burke Chris Gibson
    Senior Rachael Burke Glenn Moses

  9. A motion to destroy the ballots was made and passed.

  10. Jim G announced the following as the apparent winners of the distance swimming awards. He indicated they would be recognized in the absence of an overlooked swim being brought to our attention.

  11. Women's SC 1000 Free Rachael Burke
    Women's LC 800 Free Rachael Burke
    Men's SC 1650 Free Jamie Grimes
    Men's LC 1500 Free Yuri Suguiyama

  12. Dave T and John H were delegated responsibility to determine the Order of Events for the SC 14/U Championships -- in particular how to now include 11-12 200 Back, Breast and Fly and 10/U 500 Free as new events.

  13. Mike Pliuskaitis to chair committee (with Victor, Greg, and Manga) on how PVS should select/support its LC Zone team and the degree of financial support it should receive relative to the SC Zone team.

  14. 2003 Long Course Calendar -- CC was given a calendar to consider based on the 2002 PVS LC calendar. CC endorsed continuation of the following meets:

    • PVS LC Distance Meet Sat/Sun May 24/25
    • PVS Senior I LC Meet Sun June 8
    • PVS Age Group I Meet Sun June 15
    • PVS Senior II LC Meet Sun June 22
    • PVS Age Group II LC Meet Sun June 29

    After considerable discussion, CC voted to modify the LC Championship meet schedule as follows:

    • PVS Senior LC Champ Meet Thur/Sun July 10-13

    • PVS Junior LC Champ Meet Fri/Sun July 11-13 (to be swum between prelims and finals of Senior Champs similar to how Age Group Champs was swum in the past.)

    • PVS Age Group Champs -- third weekend in July.

    In addition, PVS Age Group Champs would be become a 14/U Champs as voted upon at the 2002 PVS HofD meeting and CC recommended that it be swum in prelims/finals format.

  15. Dave T., Mike P and John H to develop Order of Events and QT's for this meet. No competition is expected to be scheduled Sat AM July 19.

  16. 2003/4 Short Course Calendar -- CC was given a calendar to consider based on the 2002/3 PVS SC calendar

    CC initially approved the following two meets

    • PVS Short Course Championships March 4-7
    • PVS 14/U JO Championships March 11-14

    After considerable discussion on whether it was more appropriate for PVS or its member clubs to assume responsibility for the following meets, CC endorsed the following meets for inclusion in the schedule

    • PVS October Open Meet Fri/Sun October 17-19
    • PVS November Open Meet Fri/Sun November 7-9
    • PVS January Distance Meet Sat/Sun January 3-4

    These meets were approved with the following provisions. The dates of the October and November Open meets may need to change once the Redskins schedule is known In April 2003 and the availability of PGS&LC can be determined.

    PVS club meets may be scheduled in conflict with January Distance Meet so long as they do not offer 1000 or 1650 Freestyle.

    After additional discussion, CC then voted to endorse the following two meets for inclusion in the PVS schedule.

    • January Open Meet Sat/Sun Jan 17/18
    • February Distance Meet Sat/Sun Jan 31/Feb 1

  17. Proposal to reestablish SC Junior Championships was discussed. Many alternatives on how it might happen (time of year) and desirability of doing so were discussed. No formal action was taken at this time. Such a meet might occur if a club bids to host it in 2003-04 season or it is subsequently added to PVS 2004-05 SC season.

  18. Travel Assistance for Spring 2003 National Championships CC accepted suggestion of the chair that travel assistance remain unchanged from Spring 2002 both as regards dollar amount of assistance and the number and type of swims required.

  19. Matt Dugan asked CC to consider a recommendation from the athletes to modify travel assistance swim requirements for high school seniors

    "Proposal: A graduating [high school] senior will be required to only swim 3 events in PVS sanctioned meets during the fall/winter season (September-March) in order to qualify for travel reimbursement in the spring. (All other resident requirements remain.)

    Rationale: Graduating seniors have unusual travel requirements in the fall (recruiting trips) and often miss the final meet in order to qualify for reimbursement in late February -- during or at the end of high school championship season."

    CC endorsed with two dissenting votes.

  20. Bill Marlin shared with CC thoughts he had regarding role of PVS versus its member clubs in hosting meets. He had circulated a e-mail reflecting many of those ideas the prior day to many members of the CC and others. It addressed several of the same issues that had also been discussed earlier in this meeting when the appropriateness of PVS continuing to sponsor several PVS SC meets was discussed. Bill recommended the matter be referred to the PVS Strategic Planning Committee for further consideration and development of a recommendation.

  21. Next Meeting -- The Committee agreed to meet between prelims and finals on the Saturday of the Joe Jacoby Meet at GMU. Meeting time will be 2PM.