As Approved at May 22, 1999 Competition Committee Meeting

MAY 3, 1998
12:00 P.M.

The PVS Competition Committee meeting was called to order by Ward Foley, Age Group Chairman. Present were:

AAC: Ward Foley JFD: Joe Flaherty VSC: Victor Abrahamian
ATC: Patrick Full MMSC: Elizabeth Burton WAC:Mark Schoenfelder
AVST: Eric Moore MSSC: Christopher Huott YORK: Greg York
CUBU: Pete Morgan OCCS: Dave Tonnesen PVS: Thirl Crudup
FAST: Manga Dalizu PM: Bill Marlin  Steve Ercolano
FBST: Duane Davis RMSC: Mark Eldridge   John Hirschmann
HACC: Kerstin Severin SOLO: Ron Larkin   Evelyn Taylor

Minutes of January 3, 1998 Competition Committee meeting were approved with the following amendment:

An ad hoc committee was formed to review the order of events for 12 & Under at JO's. Marilyn Mangels, Kit Mathews, et al., were selected as committee members. A report will be presented at the May Competition Committee meeting.

Club Travel Reimbursement

Steve reviewed the report of the subcommittee (ATTACHED). This proposal, if approved, will become affective September 1998, with all conditions retroactive. Proposal was discussed. The last sentence in proposal amended to read, "a swimmer may only receive three shares in a year." MOTION PASSED to approve proposal as amended.

Financial Arrangements For Swim Meets

Steve reviewed the proposal (ATTACHED).

Meets on the PVS Schedule (PVS Sponsored) will be bid in accordance with current procedures. The PVS safety net applies only to Distance Meets.

Meets submitted for addition to the schedule are Club Sponsored, with a sanction/splash fee of $0.50 per entry due to PVS.

Proposal was discussed. The $4.00 entry fee was questioned and removed from the chart. Questions arose concerning Club Sponsored meets in regard to distribution of meet announcements and results, and equipment use and fee.

This example was given: Club develops meet announcement and submits for approval by PVS. If meet is available to all PVS Clubs, PVS will distribute and post on web page. If meet is "closed", Club is responsible for distribution


The Policy & Procedures Manual will be revised to explain new procedures.

For the 1998-99 Short Course Schedule, these meets are PVS Sponsored:

The Hospitality expenses for PVS Sponsored Meets was amended to read "$50.00/session

MOTION PASSED to approve proposal as amended.

Ward reported that Dick Rankin sends his thanks to the Zone Team Staff and the Competition Committee who selected the staff. The staff was very professional and the PVS team performed well with a 4th place finish. The House of Delegates meeting is May 17, at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, at 2:00 p.m. Letters have been sent to representatives, including procedures for substitution. Nominations for Coach and Athlete Representatives will be received at this meeting, and elections will be held on the Sunday of Junior Championships and the Sunday of Senior/Age Group Championships.

The Application to Conduct a PVS Camp is available as handout.

1998-99 Short Course Schedule

Final approval is needed for the 1998-99 SC Schedule (ATTACHED). Meets in bold print are PVS Sponsored meets. All other meets are Club Sponsored. Due to entry deadline for Speedo Junior Championships, it is recommended that March 1999 PVS Senior Champs be held before PVS Junior Champs, as indicated on the schedule. Current schedule for 1999 Spring USS meets is: Speedo Junior Champs, March 16-21, St. Louis, MO; Phillips 66 Nationals, March 28-April 1, and Zone, will be set at upcoming meeting.

ADD: December 5-6, 1998, JO Qualifier, FAST Club Sponsored meet. Meet was omitted from schedule.

There was discussion regarding age group categories (9-10 Vs 10 & U). It was requested that qualifying meets use the same categories as those in the meet athletes are attempting to qualify. It was decided that this is a Club Sponsor option.

There was discussion on how to add an additional meet to the proposed schedule. For the next meeting, Steve will put together a draft of all the changes to Policy & Procedures affecting competition. It was determined that additional meets cannot be in conflict with PVS meets.

Distance Meets were discussed regarding to cost of running these meets. Options to consider were: use more lanes and start from the deck, limit the number of entries based on reserved pool time, or increase entry fees to $6.00. It was also suggested to tighten QT's or add events to other meets, i.e. 1000 to October Open; to take a portion of the club share for all PVS Sponsored meet and apply to costs of Distance program, i.e. club share $0.70.

MOTION to increase entry fees to $6.00. After discussion, MOTION WITHDRAWN

Steve proposed an Ad hoc committee be appointed to present a plan for a Distance program which contains the costs of pool rental to what they are now, and provides the greatest number of opportunities to the greatest number of swimmers. Members are Steve Ercolano, Dave Tonnesen, Pete Morgan, Mark Eldridge, Manga Dalizu, and Bill Marlin.

MOTION PASSED to approve 1998-99 Short Course Schedule as amended.

1998 LC Zone Team Coaching Staff Elections

Meet dates are August 5-8, 1998, at two outdoor pools in Baltimore area. Schedule is 10-U Timed Finals at Meadowbrook, 11-12 Trials at Meadowbrook with Finals at UMBC, and 13 & O Trials and Finals at UMBC. The Zone limits the number of credentials provided to each LSC.

MOTION PASSED to elect one PVS coach to be responsible for each trials site and for both coaches to attend and be responsible for finals.

Nominations for 13 & Over Zone Coach: Bob Lindberg and Manga Dalizu.

Nominations for 12 & Under Zone Coach: Evan Stiles

MOTION PASSED to elect Evan Stiles. Manga Dalizu was elected by ballot.

MOTION PASSED to destroy ballots.

1999 SC Zone Team Coaching Staff Nominations

MOTION PASSED to approve due date of September 1, 1998, for nominations for SC Staff. Elections will be conducted at the Fall Competition Committee meeting.

1998 LC Meet Entry Deadlines have been changed as follows:
5/24 800 Freestyle due: 5/12
5/29-31 MD State due: 5/12
6/7 1500 Freestyle due: 5/26
6/14 Senior LC Open due: 6/2
6/21 Age Group Open due: 6/9
6/28 Senior LC Open due: 6/16

Competition and Operations will address procedures to make meet announcements available in a more timely fashion.

Correction to Meet Director information for 21 June Age Group Open at the Lee District Pool site:

15522 Villisca Terrace
Rockville, MD 20855

Statement for positive check in for affected meets will be clarified and posted on the web.

Old Business

Both Junior and Senior Champs LC will be 3-day format. Age Group Champs LC will be 3-day format.

New Business

Plans are to hold Senior Champs LC at Oak Marr. Decision will be firm by Friday of next week.

There was discussion about future use of various facilities in PVS. Pete Morgan offered to research joint ventures between colleges and universities and non-profit organizations.

It was recommended that LC meet time standards be determined and made available at the Fall C.C. meeting, and SC standards at Spring C.C. meeting. There was discussion to add a meeting in July.

A MOTION was made to provide proposed time standards in advance for discussion at the Fall C.C. meeting. MOTION WITHDRAWN.

After further discussion, it was agreed that PVS Championship(s) time standards will be available at the Fall C.C. meeting.

RMSC participation at 1999 Senior Champs SC may be limited due to change in dates.

There was discussion on entering Unattached entries on a separate disk. There is no instruction in meet announcements.

A Draft Meet Announcement for a Relay Meet during 1999 LC season was provided by PM. Bill Marlin would appreciate feedback. It was noted that LC relays are not possible at some facilities because of water depth.

A one-hour Competition Committee meeting will be held on Sunday of Senior Champs, 1 hours before Finals session. Agenda will be developed and made available one week prior to meeting.

Elections will be held at HoD for Age Group, Administrative, and Operations, Chairmen and two Board of Review positions.

Meeting adjourned 2:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor

Administrative Assistant