As Approved at May 22, 1999 Competition Committee Meeting

SEPTEMBER 26, 1998
9:00 A.M.

The Fall Meeting of the PVS Competition Committee was called to order by Steve Ercolano, Senior Chairman. Present were:

AAC: Don Smith GOLD: Gabriel Ibanez UMCY: Bill Shechtman
ATC: Mike Johnson HACC: Kerstin Severin YORK: Greg York
AVST: Eric Moore MSST: Elizabeth Burton PVS: Thirl Crudup
CUBU: Rick Curl OCCS: Jack Mechler   Steve Ercolano
  Chris Hadden PM: Barry Marlin  Ward Foley
 Marilyn Mangels RMSC: Scott Vekeman  Kit Mathews
FAST: Manga Dalizu   Jim Garner Evelyn Taylor
FBST: Kim Guthrie TCSD: Peter Karl

Voting procedures were reviewed. Bios for Outstanding Athlete nominees were distributed for review prior to elections. It was noted that Top-16 listings on nomination forms should all be considered as "qualified" and that places are not accurate. Listed criteria should be read carefully.

Operations Division Report

Thirl Crudup reported that Don Smith is responsible for PVS electronic equipment for the upcoming year. Arrangements for use will be made through him.

Don Smith reported that there would be a rental schedule for non-PVS meets. All computers, printers, meet boxes, and timing equipment will be stored at his home, and pick-up and return arrangements will be similar to last year.. He will be available by pager or phone if any problems occur during the meet.

The fee schedule will be posted on the PVS web page within the next two weeks. Additional services such as delivery, set-up, etc., will be the financial responsibility of the club and will be arranged directly with Don.

Review of 1998 LC Season

The two-site format was very successful. The same type of format and schedule will be followed next year. Senior Champs meet was slightly smaller than usual, and ran well. Oak Marr has purchased and installed fans.

Preview of 1998-99 SC Season

November Open: Due to a scheduling error, competition at the Lee District and Mount Vernon sites will be held on November 21-22. There is no change to the November 14-15 Fairland site. All clubs affected by this change have been notified, and a revised meet announcement has been mailed and posted on the PVS web page.

Pilgrim Pentathlon: This Club Sponsored meet (CUBU) was left off the schedule. Drafts are available for handout. The meet announcement will be distributed in Flash Mail and posted on the PVS web page.

Junior Olympic: Format will mirror that used at spring Senior Champs SC. !2 & Under events schedule will be adjusted as necessary. QT's will be published in event order format. Invitations have been sent with September 15th as the response date. Raleigh Swim Association and Team Delaware have been added to the invite list.

Age Group Champs: QT's distributed. Vote taken to decide age groups for events. MOTION PASSED to offer events as 9 yr old, 9-10, 11 yr old, 11-12. It was noted that this excludes 8 and Under athletes. There was discussion of the QT's. Standards are based on historical formula based on last year's times and desired number of heats. Ward will review the progression of QT's for future meets.

Junior and Senior Champs: QT's will remain the same as 1997-98 standards. It was noted there are no QT's for LC Junior Champs. MOTION PASSED.

The level of participation by RMSC at 1999 SC Senior Champs needs to be determined.

Future Schedules

The 1999 LC Schedule will be presented in January at the Competition Committee meeting. Proposed Club Meets, with meet sheets are due at that time.

The 1999-2000 SC Schedule will be presented in January at the Competition Committee meeting. Proposed Club Meets are due at that time. The final SC Schedule will be presented in May.

At this time, it is planned to continue offering PVS Open Meets for the 1999-2000 season.

Outstanding Athlete Elections

Ballots were distributed to each club represented and elections were held.

1999 Zone Issues

Election of 1999 SC Staff: No nominations were submitted by the September 1 deadline. The Office was notified that Shawn Fischer is interested in being considered for Head Coach position. MOTION PASSED to select Shawn as Head Coach for 1999 PVS Zone Team.

There was discussion about staff selection. MOTION PASSED to accept nominations of coaches who are present at this meeting. Nominated are: Chris Haddon, Greg York, Eric Moore, Ward Foley.

The remaining position will be advertised and selected at the January Competition Committee meeting.

All nominations are subject to Board approval and current credentials.

1999 SC Zone Team Selection Procedures: MOTION PASSED to use same procedures as 1998. It was noted that time trials are not acceptable, and that lead off relay splits are eligible.

Results of 1998 Outstanding Athlete Election

10&U Leslie Swinley Daniel Mengering
11-12 Erica Suguiyama Jeffrey Littlejohn
13-14 Rachael Burke Michael Raab
15-16 Molly Freedman Marcus Rogan (tie)
Dan Zurowski (tie)
17-18 Lauren Stinnett Ed Moses
SENIOR Molly Freedman Tom Dolan

MOTION PASSED to award tie in 15-16 boys.

MOTION PASSED to destroy ballots.

Kim Guthrie suggested increasing recognition awards for 12 & Under athletes. She will submit a proposal for the January Competition Committee meeting.

Ward announced that November 11 is the deadline for nominations for the Arvydas Barzdukas award.

Other Business

The proposal for a club championship, which will be submitted to the USS House of Delegates was discussed.

The next Competition Committee meeting scheduled for Monday, January 18, 1999. Location will be announced at a later date.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 am.


Respectfully submitted,


Evelyn Taylor

Administrative Assistant