As approved at Fall 1999 Competition Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 22, 1999
Lubber Run - Arlington, VA
9:00 am

The spring meeting was called to order by Steve Ercolano, Senior Chairman, at 9:12am. Present were:

ACC: Evan Stokes PVS: Linda Crudup
ATC Pat Full Steve Ercolano
CUBU: Chris Hadden Ward Foley
HACC: Kerstin Severin John Hirschmann
MMSC: Bill West Linda Klopfenstein
Dolores Banett Dick Rankin
MSSC: Chris Huott
OCCS: Jack Mechler
PM: Bill Marlin
RMSC: Jim Garner
Jennifer Barnes
TCSD: Peter Karl
Ted Pierson
YORK: Greg York

General Announcements & Information

The Chair called for the approval of the following Competition Committee meting minutes: spring 1998, fall 1998, winter 1999. The minutes were approved without amendment.

The agenda was reviewed. Motions brought before the meeting were reviewed and assigned a motion number and a slot on the agenda.

The chair reminded the room there is only one vote per club and that 11 votes were currently present.

Review of 1999 Long Course Schedule
The Chair announced that The 14 & Under JR Champ meet is not possible due to budgetary concerns. There are now three LC championship meets. JR Champs, Sr. Champs, and Age Group Champs.

SR CHAMPS: Venue changes to George Mason University. Motion Passed to change venue for SR Champs and 12/U Champs

Due to increase in pool rental fees for GMU motion made to increase entry fees as follows: $4.00 to $4.50 and to $9.00 for relay events, with a $1.00 per swimmer surcharge for out of LSC swimmers Motion Passed to increase entry fees.

Discussions on Bonus Swims, Currently make 1 get 1. Based on heat availability and swims per day of athlete. Bonus events cannot cause the swimmer to exceed the meet maximum of 3 per day or 6 per meet. Motion from TCSD Swimmer gets 1 bonus event for 1 or more qualified swims - motion carried.

SC SR Champ distance events finished 1- 1.5 hours early on Thursday - Discussion followed regarding relaxing of time standards.

Motion to relax time standards for SC SR Champs distance events swum on Thursday distance events. On Sunday, time standard for distance events was not changed. - Motion Carried

Discussion regarding Medal heat @ SR Champs - top 3 swimmers swim adding one heat to finals. Effort to push swimmers to go fast in morning, and avoid anticlimactic finals. Concerns were also raised whether Hy-Tek software could support this structure without extensive manual effort.

Motion to table until September Meeting and make Rick Curl Chair for evaluation committee with Ted Pierson and Eric Wannanan. - Motion Carried

New SR. Chair Jim Garner introduced and any volunteers for above committee should contact him.

SR Open meet on 6/27 revised all SR events are 13 & Over. Discussion followed regarding the dropping 13&Over requirement or permitting 12 & under swimmers with qualifying times.

SC 2000 Schedule
Still some negotiation with pools. Final schedule to be released at a later date. Discussion followed regarding which teams will host which meets. The Chair stated the traditional teams will host their traditional meets.

Possibility to move Age Group and SR Champ meets to PGS&LC. Concerns were expressed over quality venues for Championship meets and their availability during High School season.

Discussion regarding CUBU now hosting what was the JO meet now the CUBU invitational. The Chair explained this was based on the PVS BoD desire to move meets to club and out of the hands of PVS. Discussion followed regarding a PVS Sponsored JO meet, the Chair stated if clubs want a championship JO meet then it should be proposed at the appropriate time. Further discussion on PVS vs Club meets and PVS BoD desire to move more meets to clubs with the exception of the Championship meets.

Bill Marlin requested his upcoming Sports Psychology Seminar/Clinic be put on the schedule. The Chair responded that would be more appropriate for Flash mail and the Web Page and only meets are to be put on the schedule.

TCSD Motion #4 - If 12 & under don't swim at better pools they will not be assessed the $0.25 splash increase. Discussion followed regarding increase of operation expenses for PVS and justification of across the board increase as approved at the HOD meeting held 5/18/99. Motion Failed

Ted Pierson addressed the body regarding an informal Age Group Coach meeting held at during a SC meet this season. See his report attached. Discussion followed regarding this report. The Chair appointed Ted Pierson as the informal leader of and Age Group Coaches group and will report concerns or issues to Ward Foley the Age Group Chair prior to next Competition Meeting.

Motion to have a 14 & Under Championship. Discussion followed.

Chair makes a motion to l4 & Under champs revert back to 12 & under Champs for SC 2000. Motion Carried.

Motion to return 12 & under Championship meets to age groups and not single age format. Discussion followed. Motion to table final vote until September 99 carried 8 to 2

Motion to table the reconsideration of time cuts for the 13-14 boys for Jr champs - Motion Carried.

John Hirschmann discussed the new FINA Starting Rules. Whistle protocol will continue to be used and the new no recall practice will be utilized for Speedo Juniors and Phillips 66 Nationals.

Motion to have SC Meet Announcements done by October 1 LC Meet Announcements done by January No Discussion Motion Carried 3 to 0

Discussion regarding any planned camps be included with meet announcements a minimum of 90 days in advance.

Discussion regarding selection of SC and LC Zone Coaches. Jack Mechler to write proposed changes and present to CC Chair before June BoD

The award of SC Zone 2000 to PVS was announced and discussion followed regarding the facility and meet. Meet to be held at PGS&LC.

Discussion followed regarding the change in budget for one year only since meet is at "home". Budget reduction of $5,000 approved at HoD 5/18/99. MOTION SC Zone team will be managed as LC Zone have in past. Hotel arrangements are at the discretion of the families. Motion carried Opposed 2

All coaches not selected to LC Zone team will have credentials available on basis of largest contingent at the meet being given first priority. MOTION Coaches given deck credential must sign CODE OF CONDUCT - Motion carried - unanimous

Discussion regarding the selection of this season's LC Zone coaches Bob Walker submitted his name to PVS office prior to CC Meeting. No other names submitted. Post on Web any other nominations for LC Zone coaches will be taken until 5pm on June 2, 1999. Vote will be held on Sunday at MD States. Motion Bob Walker named 1999 LC Zone Coach Motion Carried

Motion - hold open nominations until June 2, with vote at MD States - Motion carried.

Reminder of Competition Committee rules regarding no proxy voting only one vote per team only present get a vote.

HoD approved the revised Policy & Procedures Manual please review and bring any comments/needed changes/omissions to September CC Meeting.

Motion # 3 TCSD - Motion for number splashes at dual meets to be 450 with a sanction fee of $75.00, total splashes limit to 900 total for the teams involved. Motion Carried

Review of the election results from the HoD meeting. Coaches rep nomination Steve Ercolano and Greg York Write in still a possibility. Vote to be held at SR, JR and Age Group Champs

Athlete rep nomination of Kelly Burke from CUBU. Write in available. Vote to be held at Jr and Sr Champs Noted that athletes who vote must be 13 or over.

The chair explained the travel policy:
$300 for the Open and Speedo Jr
$500 for Olympic Trials and Nationals

After the 5th trip to Jrs only a half share is allowed, $150 - Double dip once. By September CC Meeting, Chair and Administrative office will have a new travel reimbursement form.

Motion #1 TCSD - Swimmers may attend an unlimited number of JR. and receive full travel assistance from PVS. Discussion followed regarding the budgetary issues. Motion Failed - For -2 yea - 6 opposed.

Motion #2 TCSD - Full disclosure of all travel assistance. Discussion Motion Carried

Format of 99/00 SC Meets discussed age groups not always swimming the same sessions/times, mix up age groups events and days.

Chris Huott discussed breaking out open meets as B-C level meets and Bill Marlin suggested PVS open meets ad some different events to keep things fresh. More flexibility suggested for events at club run meets.

Fall meeting set for Saturday morning, September 25, 1999 at River Falls, Potomac.

Meeting adjourned 12:58pm

Respectfully submitted

Irene Millman
PVS Administrator