Approved at Winter 2000 Competition Committee Meeting after being amended to reflect that Blair Cameron was selected as Assistant Head Zone Coach for Spring 2000 meet.
All motions passed by the Competition Committee are recommendations to the PVS Board of Directors.

September 25, 1999 - 9:00am
River Falls Community Center

The Meeting was called to order by Competition Committee Chairman, Ward Foley at 9:03am.
In attendance were:

AAC Blair CameronPMBill Marlin
AVST Shawn FischerRMSCMark Eldridge
CUBUSteve ErcolanoKent Williams
Chris HaddenTCSDPeter Karl
Marilyn MangelsTed Pierson
FBSTKim GuthrieYORKRon Larkin
FSST/WARDMark WardGeorge Massey
Beth KramerPVS Thirl Crudup
HACCEric WaananenManga Dalizu
MSSCChristopher HuottJohn Ertter
OCCSDave TonnesenWard Foley
Jim Garner
John Hirschmann
Kit Mathews
Jack Mechler
Greg York

General Announcements & Information

The Chair announced some housekeeping issues regarding meet schedules: The closed December Challenge Meet scheduled for December 3,4 & 5 was rescheduled to November 26, 27 & 28. The change of date was due to pool unavailability and was cleared with the General Chairman and the Sr. Swimming Chairman. The chair assured the body that the PVS Distance meet also scheduled for that weekend would not be adversely effected by this change.

The Chair also reminded the committee that his position is up in August 2000 and consideration should be given to his replacement as Age Group Vice Chairman. The chair encouraged participation from all teams.

The Chair called for the approval of the Spring 1999 Competition Committee Minutes. The minutes were approved without amendment.

Upon review of the Attendance Log, the Chair reminded attendees there was one vote per club plus the two Coaches Representatives (Manga Dalizu and Greg York), totaling 11 votes (9 clubs were represented at that point in time).

Steve Ercolano requested a review or change in the By-Laws as it pertains to distribution of at large votes in the Competition Committee. The issue will be taken under advisement by the Administrative Division Chair.

Committee Reports
General Chairman

Thirl Crudup the new PVS General Chairman stated his desire to have a successful term and to work closely with all members of the LSC. He noted that PVS has much of the same mission as USA Swimming for the coming year. PVS wants to ensure it offers programs for swimmers of all levels. USA Swimming representatives expressed concern of decreasing membership due in part to pull from other organized sports and activities. USA Swimming is looking to the LSCs to increase Athlete registration by 20% in the year 2000.

There was a brief explanation of the sectional meets (which will be in lieu of the Club Championship meets -- which failed at convention.)

Administrative Vice Chairman

Kit Mathews reported on the progress of a formal PVS Web Policy. This policy is in development and will be distributed upon its completion and adoption.

Kit also addressed the Travel Reimbursement issues. The BoD, prior to when payment is made, must approve travel reimbursement per the Policy and Procedures Manual. Because of the timing of the summer "travel" meets and the fall BoD meeting dates, summer travel takes somewhat longer to be approved.

Kit reminded everyone that the Administrative Office will follow the guidelines as dictated in Policy and Procedures.

Finance Vice Chairman

John Ertter stated that he was happy to have joined the PVS BoD and was looking forward to working with all the BoD and clubs. He has several proposals in mind and will share them with the BoD at the appropriate time. He noted he received some interesting financial information at Convention the most significant being regarding salaries. HQ has cautioned all LSC's and Clubs regarding the IRS's current status of reviewing salary scale. Clubs and LSCs are strongly encouraged to do market studies, pay fair market value for employees and have Board (club) approval prior to hiring staff.

John and several other members of the Convention delegation brought back the free safety video published by USA Swimming. John strongly encourages everyone to get a copy and show it to his or her swimmers, parents, and officials.

Operations Vice Chairman

John Hirschmann as the newly elected Operations Vice Chairman stated that he was happy to be on the BoD and introduced his successor as Officials Chairman Marty Cohen.

John noted that many items were passed at convention, but he would highlight only a few. He noted that several longer events were added to the "approved" program for 11-12 year olds and the 400 Free for 9-10 year olds. In response to a question, he stated he did not know when USA Swimming would start to recognize these events for Age Group record purposes and Top-16 recognition.

John explained the both the whistle protocol and the no recall false start rules. The former must be implemented by May 15, 2000, the later is optional. A summary of the change was provided those in attendance. Discussion followed and there was an exchange of ideas regarding PVS's implementation of these new procedures.

Motion: Implement Whistle Protocol effective Jan 1, 2000 in all meets except mini meets. PASSED

Motion: Implement No Recall False Start effective Jan 1, 2000 in all meets except mini meets. PASSED

Marty Cohen asked clubs to encourage officials and new parents to get certified so the Officials Chair would have more certified officials to choose from in staffing meets. Marty also expressed concern over the same officials always working the same meets. He would like some variety.

Senior Swimming Vice Chairman

Jim Garner briefly reviewed some of the more important rule changes that occurred during convention. A copy complete version of all the changes is posted on USA Swimming's Web page and can be accessed from the PVS page. Jim thanked John Hirschmann who was instrumental in getting this information published.

Jim stated USA Swimming was encouraging all clubs and LSC's to conduct more Open Water Competitions.

Jim reviewed the new sectional meets as it was passed in HoD at USAS Convention earlier in the month. Sectional meets will now replace Juniors beginning in 2001 for both Spring and Summer. There will be further discussion by early in 2000, as to when the sectionals will occur, but it is suspected they will occur in the window between late Feb and should be done by the third week of March. There will be a minimum of 400 athletes at each sectional meet, but will more likely be approximately 1000 swimmers per meet, The cuts for the sectional meets will be set by each zone, and are intended to allow for a given club to take their senior group (providing they make the cuts). Deadline for selection of sectional locations, meet format, etc. is April 1, 2000.

Jim went on to explain that for the last year of JR's, PVS will remain in SE.

There was 1500 Swimmers at Nationals of which 300 were relay swimmers only. USA Swimming is looking into this situation. Time standards have been relaxed and clean copies of the new trial and SR cuts will be published in the next PVS flash and are also available on the USA web site.

At the Eastern Zone meeting during Convention the 2000 SCY Zone Meet Announcement was presented. Bids were made for 2000 LC Zones by Maryland and Niagara, with Niagara winning. They will run two pools for prelims and one for finals.

US Open will be at Auburn for 2000 and is set for December. Grand Prix meets will remain the same for 2000 as they were in 1999.

There was discussion regarding Pace clocks being set up on deck during warm-ups at PVS meets. While it had been mandatory up to now, PVS had not always been able to do this. Under USA Swimming rules, it is now optional. Operations agreed to look into the matter.

Sub Committee Reports

Rick Curl was not present to report on his proposal. In the absence of a proponent, the motion was withdrawn from the agenda.

Ad Hoc Age Group Report

Lengthy discussion followed on the format for the SCY Age Group Championship meet, scoring, age groups, and number of heats in both prelims and finals were all discussed. The proposal was divided into sections and voted on individually.

Motion Format: To move 500 Free to Thursday night making AG Champs a 3 day format. PASSED [Note; This is contingent on PVS being able to rent the pool for Thursday evening.]

Motion on Format: If the 500 is swum Thursday night, only 6 swims will still be permitted at the meet.. PASSED

Motion on Format: Age Groups will be 9, 10 & Under, 11, 12 & Under. Swimmer can only swim in one age group for a given stroke and distance, but may change age groups for another event. PASSED

Motion: Relays will be 10 & Under and 12 & Under, swimmer can only complete in one age group per relay. (A 10 yo may not swim the 10 & Under relay and the 12 & Under relay for the same relay (eg. 400 Free Relay.) PASSED

Motion: Finals format as presented. (1 heat for 9 and 10U, 2 heats for 11 and 12U. PASSED

Time standards proposed by Peierson were approved except for 500 Free (if swum on Thurs) and Relays. Time standards were discussed for the 500 Free and the Relays, AG Chair and Manga Dalizu will develop cuts. QT time on relays to be finalized by December 1, 1999. Chair will review 500 heats and session times.

Senior Swimming Report

Motion: Jim Garner presented JR & SR Champ times cuts as using the same formula as in past years for developing the QT. The standards for a few events were tightened in order to reduce the number of expected heats. No time standards were relaxed. JR QT would be tighter on the last day for 100 Free for Women and 200 IM for both Men and Women. PASSED

Motion: Format change to remove 1000/1500 from JR with Sr having slower QT, No second - Failed

Motion: Bonus events permitted changed to 1 for 1QT and 2 for 2 QT's. Historical maximum of three events per day and six for the meet would remain in effect. PASSED

Outstanding Athlete Election

Those present were provided with the nominating forms received - in order to review them prior to the election. The election was conducted by secret paper ballot. Those elected were:

10 & Under Men Thomas Hale-Kupiec
10 & Under Women Laura Eull
11-12 Men Danny Mizelle
11-12 Women Leeann Chang
13-14 Men Mike Ott
13-14 Women Marshi Smith
15-16 Men Michael Raab
15-16 Women Jessica Brosch
17-18 Men Ed Moses
17-18 Women Molly Freedman
Open Men Fred Hviid
Open Women Molly Freedman

A motion to destroy the ballots was made, seconded and PASSED

Zone Coach Selection

Only four names submitted in proper time and format. They were George Massey, Blair Cameron, Chris Hadden and Bob Walker. Discussion followed and nominations from the floor were opened. Those nominated were: Ted Peierson, Kent Williams, Eric Waananen, Dave Floyd, Steve Ercolano (alternate).

Motion to accept the first four applicants as Zone Coaches. PASSED

Motion to vote on written ballot for the balance of the four slots. PASSED Results are: Ted Peierson, Kent Williams, Eric Waananen, and Dave Floyd

Motion to vote for Head Coach on written ballot. PASSED Results are: Bob Walker named Head Coach of SCY 2000 Zone Team.

Zone Format

SCY 2000 format was discussed including relaxation of selection placement from 8th to 16th place for the older athletes. Discussion also followed regarding selection of 3rd and fourth fastest swimmers for relays given meet would be within PVS. The General Chairman reminded the committee regarding the later proposal that it was in direct violation of the Zone Manual. Relay swimmers must be selected from swimmers attending Zones in an individual event.

Motion to relax 8th place standard to 16th place for 13/O swimmers, selecting from the two fastest applicants, Time trials times will not count, Times from September 1, 1999 to close of SCY SR Champs will be considered. PASSED

Motion For 12/U swimmers, team members will be selected from the two fastest applicants with times from September 1, 1999 to the close of SCY Age Group Championships considered. Time trails will not count. PASSED.

Mark Eldridge offered to again maintain the Zone application Data Base with the stipulation that all non PVS times will not be added to the data base until the results have been accepted and provided by the Zone Team Coordinator, Linda Crudup.

Athlete Representatives

The PVS Athlete Representatives were not present.

Administration and Registration

Irene Millman reminded the body of the FAQ flyer regarding Coaches Education and in particular the requirements for coaches registering with USA Swimming for their second registration year. She answered questions regarding Registration and the Coaches Certification.

LC 2000 Proposed Schedule

The Chair outlined the proposed LC 2000 Schedule. There was discussion on dates and the distance meets. Also if two venues would be required for the Age Group and Senior Open Meets. The question was divided between the non-Championship and Championship meets for approval.

Motion to accept the proposed schedule as follows:
Distance Meet       May 27 & 28, 2000
Senior I       June 11, 2000
Age Group I      June 18, 2000
Senior II       July 2, 2000
Age Group II      July 9, 2000

Motion: Age Group Champs Friday, Saturday & Sunday. July 21, 22 & 23, 2000, all afternoon sessions. PASSED

Motion: Junior Champs Friday, Saturday & Sunday. July 21, 22 & 23, 2000, all afternoon sessions. PASSED

It was requested that if possible these two meets be held in two venues close to each other and that the starting times be slightly staggered.

Motion: Senior Champs Thursday night distance, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 13, 14, 15 & 16, 2000. PASSED

The Committee was reminded that applications for sanctions of meets to be held between May 1, 2000 and August 31, 2000 are due by the Winter 2000 Competition Committee meeting.

SC 2000-2001 Schedule

A skeleton of the 2000-2001 SCY schedule was presented with the three Open meets and the Three Distance meets proposed to remain on the same weekend they were in 1999-2000.. It was stated that there was no need for the October distance meet so as the 1000Y Free remained part of the October Open. Accordingly, it was dropped from the schedule. It was also recognized that until the dates of the Sectionals and national level meets for the spring of 2001 are set, it would premature to attempt to set the rest of the schedule. As a result, the following meets were proposed:
October Open      October 20, 21 & 22, 2000
November Open      November 18 & 19, 2000
November Distance      November 25 & 26, 2000
January Distance      January 13 & 14, 2001
January Open      January 20 & 21, 2001
Motion to accept the proposed SCY 2000-2001 Schedule: PASSED

Travel Assistance

Senior Chair asked the body for comments on Travel Assistance Policy for FY 2000Discussion followed

Motion Spring Travel Criteria 6 PVS Sponsored Events within the season. PASSED

Motion Summer Travel Criteria 3 PVS Sponsored events within the season. PASSED

There was also a change to the dollar amount of travel reimbursement. Motion: For this summers trials the reimbursement would be $700 if the athlete was there the whole time, otherwise $500 PASSED

Old Business
January Open

Discussion on age group format single vs age brackets used at Oct and Nov Open meets. Motion January Open age groups will be 10 & Under, 11-12, 13-14, Open or 15 & Over depending on final event format. Final event format and session structure to be compiled by Ted Pierson, Steve Ercolano & John Hirschmann. PASSED

JR Champ Time Cuts

Discussion on the time cuts for 13-14 boys. Sr Chairman & Meet Director will look at this meet after the fact this season and review for next year. Consideration will then be given to relaxing the time standards for next year.

Priority Meets

A club representative expressed concern regarding the PVS policy on a club's protection of 2 meets during the bid process. They state their club bid on 2 previously run meets and was denied one Another representative also expressed concern over this issue. The matter will be brought to the Board of Directors attention.

New Business

Steve Ercolano brought up the fact that the moniker of Junior Olympics was no longer attached to the Prelim/finals meet traditionally held in December. He is aware of the Coach, parent and athlete concern of there no longer being a "JO" meet. He reminded the body that it was the wishes of the HoD to have more club hosted meets and this particular meet was changed to a club meet.

He asked for approval to attach the "JO" name to the CUBU Invitational meet in December. Discussion followed. Motion CUBU to be permitted to use "JO" designation at the December CUBU meet for 1 year only. IF club does not use the "JO" designation the designation will go directly to the AG Champ meets. PASSED

Venue for Presentation of Athlete of the Year Award Motion 12 & under awards at Age Group Champs PASSED

Motion 13 & Over awards at Sr. Champs. TIE There was no follow-on motion. Matter will be referred to the PVS Board.

World Cup

The General Chair asked for volunteers to help at World Cup in November with shirt & ticket sales, running of shuttles, and various other volunteer positions. He asked that you please be supportive when you get the call from MD swimming.

Outstanding Athlete

Bill Marlin expressed his concern and expressed a desire to have the procedures for the selection process of Outstanding Athletes reviewed. His desire is to go to point system or blind applications. Motion to review Outstanding Athlete Selection process PASSED Chair appointed Bill Marlin, Rick Curl & Peter Karl to review and report back to CC.

Winter Meeting set for Monday, January 17, 2000 @ 10am, location TBA

Meeting adjourned at 12:58pm.

Respectfully submitted by Irene Millman - PVS Administrator.

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