Senior Coaches Representative Report
John Blaschke
BoD Report - February 2001

Since the January Competition Committee meeting I have been following up with asking various coaches about running the 2002 January Open as a SCM meet. Most are interested in seeing how it develops. I would recommend a 2 sites set up for the meet.

I have been talking to Kim Guthrie from FBST about collecting the equipment from her that was devoted to coach's education. I will have the materials in my possession by the end of the week, with a listing of what is gathered sent to the office. I have a database set up for the tracking and management of the material. I would like to see a questionnaire sent out about what PVS Coaches are looking for.

Having attended a number of meets since the last meeting. Among those were VA Regions and States. Oak Marr was the site for the Northern Regions. The meet ran well, but with a few equipment problems regarding their [FCPA] harness for the Colorado. At VHSL at the Freedom Center, I only attended Prelims. The meet ran smoothly to the best of my knowledge.

I have made arrangements to attend and administer all the Zone Coach elections at the upcoming meets. Arrangements have been made with the PVS Administrative Office regarding balloting. I have asked Irene to send an email reminder to all coaches regarding the election procedures. A statement will be posted at the meet. I would also like to see a section added to the Coach programs explaining how to get on to the PVS flashmail list. I would recommend we only do this a few times a year, not for every meet.

I am ready to assist the Athlete Representative if they feel that a Section of the website is needed and or a council needs to be formed.

John Blaschke