Coaches Representative Report
John Blaschke
BoD Report - June 12, 2001

Open Water: I have met with Kurt Thiel with regards to the officiating side of the event. He has given me some guidance on how to proceed. I am also making contact with officials within Washington DC on how to go about getting approval for an event next year. I plan on attending 3-4 open water events this summer to learn more details about them.

Zone Travel: At Maryland States. Manga Dalizu(FAST), Dave Tonnesen(OCCS), and my self met to discuss travel options for the Long Course Zone's Team. A couple of things that we came up with were a Zone Camp during the summer season. This would be open to all swimmers who have made a zone cut in the long course season and to start developing a team aspect of it. We are looking into various ways of setting up travel requirements of swimmers, again, to build on the team aspect.

PVS Library: Work is continuing on the PVS Library, I currently have a friend down visiting John Leonard of ASCA. She will picking up some materials for me to review and to consider purchasing for it. If anybody has any recommendations on what should be considered for purchase please have them contact me.