Coaches Representative Report
John Blaschke
BoD Report - September 2001


The following items have been ordered and are now available for checkout by PVS registered coaches in good standing.

  • Level 1 Foundations/Progressions
  • Build a Pool Handbook
  • Logo Usage Manual
  • Meet Director's Handbook
  • Biomechanics & Medicine in Swimming VII
  • Disordered Eating Brochure
  • Gatorade Swimmer's Diet
  • Sport Science Brochures
  • Sport Science Summit
  • Training Nutrition
  • Club Fundraising Idea Book
  • Parent's Handbook
  • Peak Kit
  • Peak Kit Booklet
  • Swim Parent Survival Guide

The following Items are being ordered this month from ASCA and will added to the inventory upon receipt:

  • Level 2 Stroke School
  • Level 3 The Physiology School
  • Personal Organization for Coaches
  • Teaching Developmental Age Group Sports Psychology
  • Dry land for Age Group Swimmers
  • Distance Training School
  • Mental Skills for Young Athletes
  • Parent Coach & Athlete
  • The Complete Guide to Medicine Ball Training
  • Strength Training for Young Athletes
  • Stretching
  • Coaching Swimming Successfully
  • Sprinting: A Coach's Challenge
  • Drills and Games a Fun Way to Practice
  • Swimming In College 7th Edition
  • Swimming Dynamics - Winning Technique Strategies
  • Workout Exchange Book

I will be working with the Administrative Office over the next few days to forward the announcement regarding the availability of the items to the coaching community. I will be receiving regular updates from Irene with a listing of current coaches.

Open Water and Distance

Outline for PVS Open Water in progress.

Attended all Open Water Meetings at USAS and will be incorporating that new information into the Outline.

No developments regarding Distance.

Convention Report

Will be forwarded upon completion.