Coaches Representative Report
John Blaschke
BoD Report - October 16, 2001

Adapted Swimming: Had a meeting with FCPA about the teaching of water safety to kids in need. Was able to provide ideas in helping their program along. Was able to start making contacts in the area of Special Olympics and with people who would point me in the right direction.

Open Water/Distance: Currently in the planning stage for a PVS only meet in the spring to be held in a lake. Planning is being worked on for an event in the Potomac the following year.

Library: The materials ordered will be available for checking out in the next week. Will be discussing with the Webmaster about a section for this under the Coaches Corner. The procedures and materials available will be listed there.

Officials and Clinics: The idea was posed to me by a coach who took the Colorado course and at the Harvest Moon. He thinks it is more beneficial to have a mentoring process for the learning of the courses (Hy-Tek and Colorado) than sitting in a classroom environment.

Coaches: Will the Administrative Office please send a flash mail to all recipients. That proper behavior and volume of talking be discussed. I witnessed false starts while at the Harvest Moon Invitational that were directly caused by swimmers not showing the proper control needed after the whistle was blown.