Coaches Representative Report
Bill Marlin
BoD Report - November 13, 2001

Reports from Coaches indicated that the Oct. Open ran well and that OCCS did a good job running the meet. One coach did mention to me that he was not pleased with the positive check in for the 100's. I mentioned to him how this came about over the summer at LC Jr. Champs and it went very smoothly and saved a lot of time. It was also explained that positive check in is not a guarantee that time will be saved, it is there to hopefully save time and avoid empty lanes. Other coaches feel that open lanes at an OPEN meet is not a big deal but at a Championship meet, every attempt should be made to fill the lanes.

Many coaches not happy with how long it is taking to get meet announcements posted this year as opposed to past years when most of them were posted by October. Many coaches upset that SC Champ cuts and 14 & U JO cuts are not up yet. This hurts their planning for seasonal training.

November Open had its ups and downs. According to Chris Houtt, the staff at PGS & LC will not lift a finger to help out with set up or break down of their equipment (Daktronics, trash cans, cleaning up deck, etc..) No one there was trained in the use of the Daktronics equipment. Meet personell did not know how to configure pool for a 10 lane set up on Daktronics. PVS Colorado timing system had to be brought in. More officials were needed at some sessions. Jim VanErden of Potomac Marlins was meet Ref and he was short handed most of the time. Chris also felt that the relationship between PVS and PGS & LC management is strained at the moment. Hope for more cooperation at Jan. Open.