Coaches Representative Report
Bill Marlin
BoD Report - January 18, 2002

  1. January Distance meet ran well but had some bumps in the beginning. Soloman said that the Positive check in was very confusing for them since it was their first time running a meet. Chris Huott helped out and got them on track then the meet ran smoothly from there on out. Recomend a check in deadline for the distance meets on day of meet and to ask coaches for known scratches about one to two days out from the meet to allow for less confusion on meet day.

    ie...If you are in the first 4 heats of men or women positive check-in is by XXXXX...If you are in the 5-8th heats positive check in is by XXXXXXXX and if you are in the 9th - 12 th heats you need to positive check in by XXXXXXX.

  2. January Open was a big concern for all coaches at PG. I was in contact with all my teams scheduled for my venue right away about a possible change so they were aware and not caught opff guard. they had time to inform their families; but the other side was blind sided and new nothing about the change in days until about two days before CCC Meeting. Many coaches at thet venue were very distressed and unhappy with such a late notice. Main concerns for coaches were lost pool rental for cancelled Monday workouts (morning and evening) Scheduling coaches to work when they may not have off on MLK Jr. Holiday. Ward Foley needs to pay time and a half to his Arlington Co. Coach employees.

  3. Steve Ercolano brougtht up that at CCC Meeting we were out of order many times discussing issues already voted on. Recomends a meeting agenda be sent to all coaches (like it use to) prior to meeting with what can and can not be discussed / changed at the meeting.

    Also recomends that the Policies and Procedure manual be on the PVS home page. I also recomend that the Sr. or Age Group Chair review past 1-3 years of CCCM notes and figure out what has and has not been discussed and Implemented and this be put in a report to bring all coaches up to speed on what exactly is going on in PVS the past few years.

  4. Explore the possibility of an on-line voting system for coaches via the PVS web site?? Password vote per club (maybe password only given out to head coach of the club). Issues can be discussed at CCC Meetings and a vote takes place the next ends by 9:00 pm the following day. This way all clubs have the opportunity to vote on LSC issues. Many Pros and Cons to this issue.