Coaches Representative Report
Bill Marlin
HoD Report - May 10, 2002

In summing up the 2001-2002 Short Course season, I'd say we had our ups and downs this year. In 2001-2002 we saw more teams running club run meets and staying away from PVS hosted meets due to fears of lengthy sessions and poorly run / staffed meets. With the loss of some venues and last minute re-scheduling this season those fears were justly warranted. PVS is encouraging teams to run their own meets and certain teams have done just that but it would be nice to see these same teams support the LSC run meets as well since the LSC will support them via travel money for National level meets.

There also seems to be a bigger push this year to put more importance on the LC season from some teams. This follows in line with USA Swimming wanting to see more meets run year round in the LCM and SCM format. Most PVS Coaches will need to buy into this new way of thinking if it's going to work. A summer league mentality among coaches will not work if we want to see increased participation in our Long Course programs.

For next season, 2002-2003, I'd like to explore the possibility of an electronic vote for coaches representative. Interested coaches can be put on the ballot at the fall coaches competition meeting and then this can be sent out via the PVS coaches e-mail data base. Coaches on the ballot can then canvas the SCY Champs meet and the 14 & Under JO meets with an electronic vote to be taken the first Monday or Tuesday after the conclusion of the JO meet. An electronic voting form can be sent to all PVS coaches with the candidates listed and instruction on how to vote and where to e-mail the vote. If this process works, we can explore other issues in a similar manor. (One vote per club on some issues) PVS Admin. keeps the group e-mail data base and send out to appropriate coaches depending on the issue being voted on. Let's face it, not all coaches can attend the Competition Committee Meetings due to workouts, family obligations, etc…

It continues to be difficult getting feedback from the majority of PVS coaches. They either are not interested enough to offer suggestions / comments or are happy with the way things are going and don't want to see any changes. Which one? I don't know. Perhaps there needs to be a direct way coaches can communicate with the PVS Coaches Reps via our LSC web site? Coaches Reps need a data base of all registered PVS Coaches so we can put out a brief note on what we do and how they can contact us to offer feedback / suggestions.


William S. Marlin

Bill Marlin
PVS Coaches Representative