September 14, 2002
Bill Marlin - PVS Senior Coaches' Representative
Bob Lindberg - PVS Junior Coaches' Representative

2002 USA Swimming National Convention Notes for Potomac Valley Swimming Coaches
(notes prepared by Bob Lindberg)
Two Significant Votes
  1. A resolution passed, against the recommendation of the steering committee, to reinstate the USA Swimming Junior Championship as a summer long course meet for 18 and under swimmers. We expect that this will occur first in the summer of 2005.
  2. The House of Delegates approved a $15 increase (from $25 to $40) for USA Swimming registration for 2004. (We have just paid our 2003 registration.) The same resolution also calls for a $1 per year increase from 2005 to 2014, at which time the USA Swimming annual registration fee will reach $50. The most recent previous increase was in 1996.

This increase should net over $4M in additional revenue for USA Swimming in 2004. The current annual budget is roughly $15M. The resolution calls for the additional monies to be spent as follows:

  • At least 25% to increase programs and services for member clubs;
  • At least 25% to increase resources to help member clubs gain greater access to existing facilities, upgrade facilities, and foster the development of new facilities;
  • At least 25% to enhance the promotion of swimming, to include more and better public exposure that is consistent with an approved long-term strategic marketing plan for USA Swimming; and
  • No more than 25% to address other general budgetary requirements.

Meet Dates and Venues
July 24-27, 2003 Long Course Sectionals UMBC
Aug 6-9, 2003 Long Course Zones Pittsburgh
Feb 11-15, 2004 Spring Nationals TBD (held early because of Olympic Trials)
Mar 25-28, 2004 Spring Sectionals (LC) TBA
April 1-3, 2004 Short Course Zones Freedom Center
July 7-14, 2004 Olympic Trials Long Beach, CA
July 22-25, 2004Long Course Sectionals {OCCS & PM are considering a bid for this meet}
Aug 3-7, 2004 Summer Nationals Stanford (pending)
Aug 11-14, 2004 Long Course Zones Buffalo

Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool
There will be a one day dual meet between the US and Australian national teams, in Indianapolis, on April 6, the day after Spring Nationals. The Aussies will be coming off their World Championships selection meet. This is a first for USA Swimming and is designed to develop excitement in the sport. The event will be covered by one of the major networks on the next weekend, April 12&13, in prime time.

New Resources from the National Office
  1. A club investment guideline from Dain Rauscher who provides investment services to the USA Swimming national office
  2. USA Swimming Insurance Coverage Summary, FAQ, claims procedure guidelines and an issues paper on sexual abuse
  3. USA Swimming maintains and is expanding a Sports Science and Medicine Network of doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors across the country who have been recommended by coaches and others in the community as being understanding and sympathetic to the needs of swimmers.
Other New Programs

STROKE DEVELOPMENT PROMOTIONAL: USA Swimming is looking into expanding their relationship with Nickelodeon (which already carries Splash TV and USA Swimming public service announcements), by developing an integrated consumer program targeted at the important 5-11 year old demographic that is designed to

  • promote and build awareness of "youth aquatics" programs
  • increase enrollment in "youth aquatics" stroke enhancement sessions
  • build frequency through participation on youth swim teams
  • build the base of future swimmers
This effort is in the development stages.

CATCH THE SPIRIT CAMP is an ongoing promotional program for attracting new swimmers; it was mentioned but I did not get the details.

SPORTS MEDICINE AND SCIENCE NETWORK is being reorganized and enhanced. Currently, athletes, parents and coaches may visit the Sports Medicine section of the USA Swimming website to find professional (physicians, massage therapists, trainers, nutritionists, physiologists, etc.) in their local area who are sympathetic to the needs of our athletes. The site includes a way to submit the names of professionals who should be added to the network.

NUTRITION: The Sports Medicine department has developed an online Nutrition Evaluation package that swimmers can use each day to evaluate their nutritional requirements, intake and usage. It should be available in December (it is being used by the National Team athletes in a trial right now). Contact Charlene Boudreau in Colorado Springs.

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS: Charlene provided an excellent presentation to the Age Group section on the use of dietary supplements ranging from Gatorade to androstenedione. They have adopted a Green/Yellow/Red approach that is simple to understand. Green products are safe in normal quantities, yellow items are to be used with caution for a variety of reasons, red items are either banned in our sport, generally considered unsafe, or both. I found this short list informative:

Green: Flintstones, Centrum, Iron, Gatorade, Powerade, Power Bars, Clifshots, Slimfast

Yellow: Mega dose (>500% of recommended daily value) of supplements such as vitamin E; supplements with added herbals (such as Endurox); protein powders of any kind; and Creatine (with a very significant caution)

Red: Andro products (banned in swimming), energizers (such as caffiene supplements), weight loss products (such as diet pills that can contain banned substances), and muscle builder products

We can tell our age group swimmers and their parents that everything legal that can be found in supplements can also be found in the right foods, and a well-designed diet is a better approach. Here are some simple guidelines

  1. Use the government's Food Guide Pyramid
  2. Eat colorful foods
  3. Rehydrate during practice
  4. Replenish carbohydrates within 20 minutes after exercise (before you leave the pool)
  5. Learn portion control
Also, eating 4 or 5 small meals is much better than getting 75% of your diet at dinner.

DARTSWIM: The Sports Science department has developed a software package that will allow a coach to provide very impressive digital video stroke evaluation. The package will be modestly priced - basic package in the $20 range and full package for $300. It was modified from software originally developed for golf pros to evaluate golf swings. Check out both inormation posted at USA Swimming and at

OUTREACH: USA Swimming has an outreach program targeted at minority swimmers. I did not get the details, but funds are available for grants to teams for developing/executing outreach programs.

SHOULDER INJURY PREVENTION: For our coaches, there is a report on a shoulder injury prevention workshop, held earlier this year, on the USA Swimming website in the coaches section. This website has been getting a very positive response and other similar reports are planned.

CORE STRENGTH, and PHELPS BUTTERFLY VIDEOS: are available from USA Swimming at very reasonable cost. More such videos are planned. They have sold out of the Phelps DVD format. A shoulder injury prevention video is planned.