Senior Coaches Representative Report
Bill Marlin
BoD Report - November 20, 2002

  1. October Open and November. Open meets were run very well according to coaching body polled. Problems with PGS&LC staff was not apparent to the swimmer or coach

  2. Coaches were unhappy about seeing cock roaches in the hospitality room at PGS&LC

  3. Coaches want to do away with Friday evening sessions in PG county for Open Meets...too much traffic getting anywhere. Those asked indicated they would rather see Distance meets put back in place if we have to keep going to PGS & LC on a Friday evening.

  4. Proposal: To include in meet announcements for PVS Sponsored Championship meets SCY and LCM, that the report by swimmer from Team Manager must include proof of time.....this may help meet management so they don't have to spend time tracking down falseafied entry times.