Senior Coaches Representative Report
Bill Marlin
BoD Report - March 3, 2003

Elections were conducted at the SCY Champs meet for 13 & Over Assistant Zone Coaches. After a blanket e-mail was sent by me to the PVS coaches, I received four positive responses and those four coaches were added to the ballot. They were Nathan Meadows JFD, Mike Pluskitis SNOW, Jorge Silva TIBU, and Breanne Smith TCSD. Ballots were passed out to a coach representative of each team present at Saturdays preliminary session. Ballots were collected and counted near the end of the prelim sessions. All but one team handed in their ballot.

Ballots were counted by myself and verified by Greg York.

Mike Pluskitis and Breanne Smith were elected as the PVS Zone Team Assistant Coaches for the 13-18 year old swimmers. Congratulations to both of them. Their names will be sumbitted to the PVS Board of Directors for formal approval as Zone Coaches.

Elections for the 12 & Under Assistant Zone Team Coaches will be held at the 14 & Under JO meet, March 6-9, 2003.