Senior Coaches Representative Report
Bill Marlin
BoD Report - July 27, 2004

The 14 & Under LC Championship meet ran well. There were a few problems, mostly on Sunday nights finals session, that have since been fixed. There was a trainee on Hy-Tek that apparently changed some event settings and missed a few re-seeds that changed the outcome of several events and altered scoring.

Upon returning from the USA Speedo Super Sectionals meet, I learned of the problems and as of this afternoon, I have fixed all these problems to the best of my knowledge. I want to thank Chris Houtt working with me on fixing the errors that occurred.

Katie Delaney is now the 9-10 girls high point winner after corrections were made. New medals will be awarded for any events that results were changed.

Age group coach of the Year has been put on hold till next year. Too much time has gone by to allow proper time to submit (and probably review) nominations. A form will be posted to the PVS web site in the near future so this award may be presented for next season. Our apologies to the coaching community for not getting it finalized on time.