Competition Committee Chairman's Report
January 21, 2002
Submitted by: Bob Walker

List of motions for the BoD meeting on Tuesday.

  • Motion to have the following teams be meet hosts for the three unfilled long course meets '02.
    • Distance (TCSD)
    • AGI (VSC)
    • AGII (AAC)
  • Motion to have BoD look into funding for the new Jr. National Meet. (Upon getting a sanction from USA swimming).
  • Motion to have current reimbursement for USA summer nationals be at the current PVS rate, since there were no requests from the competition to change the rate.
  • Motion to have AG and JR Champs weekends switched on the calendar '02.

Other items:

Sr / AG chairs look into the PVS open meets and consider 10-un events instead of 9-10 events, also consider open events instead of 15-over, 13-over, 13-18 or 15-18 events.

Two committees formed:

  • one to look into 2003 long course season the other to look into the 2003-2004
  • short course season, both committees to report their findings to the competition on 5/13
  • .

Two requests from PVS to comment on:

  • one to look into why the Jan 26-27 SCY meet was pulled from the calendar after coaches made plans to use the meet
  • other to why we had so much trouble with the pool rental situations and how we can make sure this will not happen again.