Competition Committee Chairman's Report
January 22, 2003
Submitted by: Jim Garner

I cannot be at this meeting due to prior committments that I could not avoid.

Comptetion items to be voted and/or discussed at the meeting are:

  • It was also suggested that PVS might consider adopting a rule similar to what some other LSC’s have – that you can get a sanction to conduct a major meet unless your club has at least x officials, some of which need to be certified at higher levels. This type of rule is sometimes phased in over a few years. Others suggested that PVS should let the market take care of itself – if clubs do not run good meets, their meets will be less well attended in the future.
  • This is worthy of our discussing it, I think that we should make some strong recommendations on this, but not codify it.
  • Acceptance of Assistant Head Coach for Zones.
  • LC 2003 Club Meets - I'd recommend acceptance.
  • SC 2003-2004 Club Meets - I'd recommend acceptance.
  • The Joe Jacoby/Tom Dolan Invitational has not yet been asked for, if it is I'd recommend acceptance. There was also talk of another Championship Meet in December probably the weekend after Dolan, I'd recomemend acceptance of this also.
  • LC Zone was discussed, Greg should review this for the benefit of the Board. There was not an endoresement of any particular requirements as yet.

There has also been a fair amount of discussion on the 14&U Qualifying meet run by CUBU. Last year it was two courses with 4000 or so splashes. This year it is one course, 2000 or so splashes. This was done because GMU had made it clear that last year's meet was too big, and it needed to be cut back (too many on deck). This was not clearly communicated to us (although Kit says he sent us a note). I think in the future for Club meets, they must either be substantially the same as last year or they must submit a meet announcement (at least rough order of events, qualifting times if applicable, and number of splashes).

I support flipping the two meets (SC Champs & 14/U JOs) in 2004. Competition (at least those there at December meeting) supported making SC Champs LC in 2004, I want to discuss this again at Spring competition meeting with hopefully more teams represented.