2001 USAS Convention, Dearborn, Michigan
Report on Committee Coverage by Boots Hall

In addition to the Education Committee business at Dearborn, I attended various meetings:

The Education Committee presentation on the Seven Successful Traits of Successful Clubs. This presentation was given by Mike Llewellyn of the USA-S Staff. It was aimed at LCS and Club leadership and was extremely well done and much appreciated by the attendees.

The Outreach Committee Workshop emphasized the work being done to reach less economically advantaged swimmers that might be drawn into competitive swimming were the costs not prohibited. It discussed being sure that information be placed in the club toolboxes. It said that the $5 discounted membership fee was not just for minorities; it is for any swimmer who needs it. It asked LSCs to get the word out to their clubs.

The Adapted Swimming Workshop showed a 6-minute tape of the Paralympics in Sydney. The tape is available and Mike Unger will be sending me one for PVS use. I plan to use it in Clinics. PVS is ahead of most LSCs in dealing with disabled swimmers as we have much experience with the deaf and hard of hearing swimmers and have blind swimmer competing. However, referees must be made aware of other disabilities they might have to deal with and how best to accommodate the swimmers. This topic will be covered at the referee clinic.

The Officials Committee meeting emphasized the need for Marshals on deck for safety reasons. It went over having certification and decertification procedures more standardized among LSCs and also standardizing transfer procedures. It is concerned about the lack of reciprocity among LSC is allowing officials from other LSCs to work. It discussed how we could best implement the FINA rule changes that were adopted in Japan.

The Open Water Committee meeting was chaired by Kerry Ellett who should have that report.