2002 USAS Convention, Dallas, TX
Report on Committee Coverage by Boots Hall

At the 2002 USAS Convention I attended the following sessions.

  1. Education Committee Sessions (Member of Education Committee)
    1. The Early Show: 91 attendees. Information for new delegates. Generally very well received.
    2. Your USA Swimming: 54 attendees. Very well received. Information on how USA Swimming can help clubs was seen as especially informative.
    3. Symposium's Greatest Hits: 45 attendees. Fairly well received, but most commented that it would be much more helpful if there were handouts to take home to the clubs and LSCs.
    4. Novice to Nationals: 66 attendees. Seen as a smash hit. Three top coaches giving advice.

  2. Other Sessions attended.
    1. Officials Committee. Main discussion was on on-line testing that is available this year. As it may have some kinks, I've decided that for this year, we will ask some of the senior officials to try it out and report back if there are many kinks. Other officials will take tests as usual and have them graded by our graders.
    2. Rules Committee. Initial packet of proposed rule changes was considerably pared down by the withdrawal of several proposed changes.
    3. Adaptive Swimming. The meet at Freedom Way, WA was very well received. More should be done at the local level. In February '03 a workshop will be held in Col. Springs for LSC Adaptive chairmen. LSCs are to provide air fare; USA-S will provide everything else.

Respectively submitted.

Marie-Beth Hall