Zone Director's Report
May 21, 2002
Kerry Ellett

Kerry stated that there were three proposals that directly affect all clubs

  1. Governance study - in depth look at how USA Swimming does business, this 55 page report with recommendations is on the USA Swimming web page. It behooves all of you to review that document. - read it, talk to clubs about, it take a look at the big picture not from just our club or LSC perspective but from the broader perspective. Much of the governance of USA Swimming is left over from the old AAU days of swimming. The recommendations of the study will not be voted on at 2002 but will be discussed for vote for 2003 - possible actions and possible legalisations are expected to be available on line in June. One of the recommendations is to eliminate approx 60% of the committees this has been done before but the committees have not been sunset as requested. One goal is to gather more information on the Internet, from interest groups, try town meetings etc, to compile more information and input on these topics. Task forces are better at coming to results rather than the committees; we have over a year to look at this. Kerry Ellett stated that comments and questions can be emailed to himself or to Ron Van Pool
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  3. Club Membership 0ption has come up before - does not affect existing clubs but new clubs and how they will become members and what support they will get. To make sure that new clubs that come into existence will have good business practices. Some of the requirements include business management for clubs and attending a swimposium.
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  5. Dues increase information is on the web, most interesting statement was from Chuck Wieglus as to why we need it; the idea behind this is to increase revenue to programs that support the clubs and how they conduct business.

Additionally Kerry Ellett commented on the following USA Swimming and Zone News:

  1. June 2, 2002, Nickelodeon will air the second incarnation of Splash TV geared now toward the 14 & under viewer.
  2. June 1, 2002 is the deadline for submissions of the Club Excellence program.
  3. Speedo Championship Series - most zones run two meets there is concern about the constraints on meet managers, who clubs have for the job and what you have to do to get your USA Swimming funding. This is under review to see how it can be dealt with in the future.
  4. Distance cuts for next spring have been tightened for the Speedo meets.
  5. Meet bids are moving to a two year cycle for zone and Speedo meets.

The following meets will be bid at the Zone meeting in September in Dallas, TX.

Speedo Championship Series Regions 1 and 2

LCM 2003
SCY 2004
LCM 2004

Zone Meet
LCM 2003
SCY 2004
LCM 2004

Kerry Stated that if you are a PVS club to email the Administrative Office of your intent to bid one of those meets and to be aware the bidding club or an agent must be present at the meeting to bid.