Notes from Eastern Zone Meeting
May 13, 2000

  • Short Course Zones
  • 2001 Eastern Zone Short Course Championships to be held March 29-31, 2001 at PGS&LC.
  • Athletes who have achieved a Phillips 66 National Championship Qualifying Time will be precluded from swimming in the meet.
  • Other changes to the meet format were addressed and may still be implemented.
  • Sectionals
  • Eastern Zone will conduct two Short Course Sectionals in 2001.
  • Sections will be defined along current boundaries for Region I and Region II. See Appendix 6-C, USA Swimming rulebook.
  • Sectionals will be conducted on a "closed basis" -- only open to registered swimmers in the LSC's within the section.
  • PVS will be in Section II that will also include Allegheny Mountain, Middle Atlantic, Maryland and Virginia.
  • Dates will be March 15-18, 2001
  • Prelims will be swum in 2 courses (16 lanes) with finals in one course.
  • Finals will consist of Finals, Consolation and Bonus heats.
  • Athletes will be permitted to compete in 6 individual events/meet, 3 individual events/day
  • Bids to conduct meet will be accpeted until May 23, 2000 by Dave Carson, Eastern Zone Director to USA Swimming. LSC's in section will evaluate bids if multiple bids are received.
  • Format will be a modification of the 3-day program (see Section 207.6 of USA Swimming Rulebook) with 1000 free on Thursday evening.
  • Qualifying times to be determined. Objective is to set QT's so that meet will have approximately 700 swimmers.
    Prelims should not exceed 4 hrs/day, excluding distance and relay events.
  • Decisions on Long Course Sectionals for summer 2001 will be made at Eastern Zone meeting in October, 2000. Meet may be held between July 1, 2001 and August 31, 2001.
  • PVS Competition Committee will hold a special meeting on June 13 to address impact on PVS 2000-01 Short Course Schedule
  • Meet will evaluated before decisions are made for SC Sectionals for 2002 and beyond.

  • Important Note: The above is based on unofficial notes taken by PVS members in attendance at the Eastern Zone Meeting. Further revisions and additions to the above information are quite likely.