General Chairman
January 2000 Report

  • Potomac Valley received WC letters of appreciation and thanks from USA Swimming and the Baltimore/Washington 2012 Coalition. Both organizations recognized our support and help as critical to the success of the meet.
  • LSC General Chair workshop upcoming on June 9-11, 2000. Agenda topics have yet to be confirmed.
  • Michael Ott (PM), sent a thank you letter to the LSC expressing his appreciation for travel reimbursement to his club for transportation to the National Select Camp. In his letter, Mike spoke of his experience in Colorado Springs and the appreciation of being given the opportunity to participate.
  • Sectional meet update
    Much tangible progress has been made by the R-22 committee, which has been charged with implementing a series of sectional meets in 2001. There is to be a meeting of the zone directors, the implementation committee, and Ron Van Pool in Denver on January 21st to finalize a plan for approval by the USA Swimming Board. Once approval is granted, zones will begin a plan of action to develop their sectionals. Within the Eastern Zone, each LSC, through their Gen. Chair, Age Group Chair, Senior Chair, and Coaches Reps., will have the opportunity for input and recommen- dation before any final decisions are made as to how the sectionals are to be competed.
  • Reminder to Division Chairs
    Chairs are asked to review their programs and prepare a statement of their needs for the next fiscal year. Proposals for the new budget are to be submitted to the Treasurer by the February Board meeting.