General Chairman's Report
October 2000 Report

  • USA Swimming would like Potomac Valley to consider scheduling a swimposium in the very near future. This swimposium is similar to a LSC workshop and is currently being piloted on the west coast. Upon completion of the pilot study, complete details will be sent to select LSCs for their consideration. The idea, as an example, is to offer focus activities for parents, coaches, athletes, and officials.
  • Recognizing that Greg Stephenson is dealing with a series of family medical situations, I plan to discuss with him, his continuance for strategic planning.
  • WMAL radio did a phone interview with me following the completion of swimming events in Syndey. The thrust of the interview was devoted to PVS and clubs within the association. I stressed the need for more PR not only on the airwaves, but in the press as well.
  • Highlights from the recently concluded USA Swimming convention: Board of Directors announced a overall $5.8 milllion athlete support and assistance package for the next four years, with $4.4million coming from USOC. This amount includes open water.
  • For the 2001 budget year, USA Swimming is budgeting $1.1million as medal money for Olympic pool events. No open water medal for 2001.
  • Peak Insurance is offering learn-to-swim coverage for clubs who do not wish to register this particular group through USA Swimming.
  • Adapted swimming is encouraging LSCs to consider including disable athletes in their championship meets, camp programs, and other athlete development activities. Their suggestion is to have LSCs develop inclusion policies.
  • Finally, sectional time cuts were tighten and approved by the five LSCs representing region two. In addition, meet entry ($7.50) and relay ($15.00) fees were established and approved.