General Chairman's Report
November 2000 Report

  • Received a email from Bob Liddell outlining the plight of James Madison University men's swimming and diving. Apparently JMU is proposing to eliminate the men's program, along with eight other athletic programs, due to Title 9 issues and their athletic budget. Bob, as well as men's swimming and diving head coach, Ryan Frost, is asking everyone in PVS to communicate to JMU's president and athletic director, the necessity of keeping their men's program. Bob goes on to ask that this information and request is shared with NVSL and Northern Virginia high school folks. A decision on the men's program is expected in late January/early February. This same communication was sent to other LSCs asking for their support.
  • Addresses:
    Dr. Linwood H. Rose
    James Madison University
    MSC 7608
    Harrisonburg, VA 22807
    Jeff Bourne
    Director of Athletics
    James Madison University
    MSC 2301
    Harrisonburg, VA 22807

  • USA Swimming President, Dale Neuburger, sent a congratulatory letter thanking PVS for its involvement and leadership during the recent United States Aquatic Sports convention.

  • Public relations liaison, Wayne White, communicate to me that he would no longer be able to continue in that role. If any of you know candidates for this volunteer position, please email me with that information. Someone with PR ties, connection, background, and etc. would be ideal.

  • USA Swimming provided 2000 third quarter accident summary based on 587 accidents reported. Under age breakdown, the largest percentage of accidents (25%), fell with the 11-12. The most common injury reported was to the leg/foot (28%). Under who was injured, 88% went to the athletes, followed by 9% to guest, and 3% to non-athletes. Reported accidents occurred the most in water (44%), followed by deck accidents (27%). Forty-three percent of the reported accidents occurred during meet/competition, while 32% occurred during practice in water.

  • In their bid to become the U.S. Candidate City for the 2012 Olympic Games, the Washington/Baltimore Regional 2012 Coalition has asked PVS for a letter of support to be included with those from other area amateur groups/organizations in their final bid proposal.