from Thirl Crudup, General Chairman

As the 2000 - 2001 short course season comes to closure, I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the officials and parent volunteers of PVS. Without a doubt, the success we experienced this season (as well as previous seasons), was due in a large part to the time and hard work you so graciously provided.

This short course season presented us with new challenges from a meet scheduling standpoint. The creation of USA Swimming sectional meets gave cause to several revisions of our schedule in order to meet the needs of our athletes. Ultimately, the demand on volunteers, especially officials, was at a premium.

The response from our officials was outstanding, as always. As an example, seven meets were on the schedule for March (including championships). A heavy demand that was met without missing a beat.

Besides the officials, parents volunteering their time in other capacities did not go unnoticed. I applaud all of you for your help. Officials and parent volunteers run swim meets. Without you, we do a disservice to our athletes. Keep giving of your time and as we look ahead to the long course season, invite a clubmate to join with you in the fun of "working" a meet!!!

Again, my thanks to each and everyone of you for making PVS one of the most dynamic local swim committees in USA Swimming.