General Chairman's Report
January 18, 2002

  • USA Swimming will be conducting one Officials Training Clinic in 2002. This clinic will be held at the Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado, the weekend of May 10-12. Goal of the clinic is achieving greater consistency and a higher standard of professionalism in officiating. Details of the clinic can be accessed through the PVS Officials Chairman.
  • Annual growth of USA Swimming athletes is 5%. Gender breakdown is 63% female and 37% male. Turnover rate of athletes is 33%. Age differential: 46% athletes between the ages of 6 to 11 and 47% between the ages of 12 to 17.
  • USA Swimming Sport Development Coordinators determined four main issues/concerns prevalent during their visits to LSCs. The issues/concerns were: 1) lack of facilities, 2) parent education, 3) high school swimming and 4) club governance. These coordinators have become the eyes and ears for USA Swimming in the field and will continue their familiarity with the LSCs/clubs/coaches in each USA Swimming zone.
  • Looking ahead to the future, USA Swimming is undertaking an intensive review of its structure and governance. USA Swimming has retained a consultant firm to help design and facilitate the process. A representative sample of every constituency will be invited to speak with the consultants as the roll out of the project begins. The project is expected to be launched this month.