General Chairman's Report
April 13, 2002

  • Articles 514, pages 129 and 131 of the 2002 USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, provides written information about submitting proposed amendments to the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations Committee. Deadline date for submitting written proposals is May 15. All proposed amendments should be submitted to Peter Carney, Chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee. His preferred way to receive amendments is via e-mail. Peter will acknowledge receipt of all emails. Email:

  • Our 2001-2002 short course season has drawn to a close. Despite the occurrence of events during this period, PV enjoyed outstanding swimming within our association as well as regional and national. Successful goals and performances from the athletes benchmarked themselves at all levels of swimming capabilities.

  • I want to thank all of the parent volunteers for providing their time, energy and hard work during the short course season. It is greatly appreciated. Especially, I wish to extend a hearty thank you to the PVS officials for their continued contributions to the success of the association. All of us working together and giving generous of our time help make PVS what it continues to be… of the most respected local swim committee in USA Swimming.

  • With the advent of the long course season close at hand, lets use the spring/summer months to promote swimming and get many more kids interested in the sport. Word-of-mouth is probably our most effective tool to sell features and benefits of swimming. And to the parents, stay involved with your volunteer time. If you know of a clubmate who is not a volunteer, encourage him or her to volunteer in some capacity.

  • According to USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, the president may appoint up to ten percent of the total membership as at large members of the USA Swimming House of Delegates. One-fourth of all those appointed shall be appointed in equal numbers from members (other than athletes) of the five local swimming committees having the largest numbers of registered athletes as of September 1 of the prior calendar year. The five LSCs meeting the criteria are Southern California, Illinois, Pacific, Indiana and Middle Atlantic. LSC presidential at large recommendation must be submitted by the general chairman no later than June 30 to Dale Neuburger.