Potomac Valley Swimming House of Delegates
May 21, 2002


Without doubt, the '01-'02 year has proven to be very challenging. The methodology of our operation process needed to be addressed and continues to be addressed for quality assurance.

  • Membership
  • A decrease in registered athletes compared to the previous year. Contributing factors may include athletes pursuing other sports, older athletes losing interest, non registration of learn-to-swim kids, high school swimming and our region sports market.
  • Slightly over five thousand, six hundred registered athletes. This number will probably increase once the reconciliation is finalized.
  • Proposal from USA Swimming to increase member dues effective for the 2004 membership year. This proposal will be brought to the USA Swimming House of Delegates on September 14 for final approval. What will be the impact to PVS if approved?

  • Management
  • PVS office
  • Action plan

  • Finance
  • Association will end the fiscal year in the black. Second straight year of ending in the black.
  • Although my goal of starting and completing the audit was not met, a firm has been retained to begin this process. To my recollection, this may be the first audit for PVS.
  • Need to modify current financial practices to strengthen procedures, accountability and improve efficiency.

  • Competition/Programs
  • Acquisition of pools for meets is becoming more challenging. With the paying public, pool programs and high schools competing for pool time, pool rental has to be considered two years out.
  • Our camp programs continue to be quite successful.
  • High quality meets are still being maintained with opportunities for all of our athletes.
  • Success of USA Swimming Speedo Championship Series meets in Potomac Valley has now prompted other clubs in section II of the Eastern Zone to bid for these meets.
  • USA Swimming governance study results available on their website.