A Message to the PVS Membership from the General Chairman

With Potomac Valley's 2002 long course schedule having come to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to address matters of change pertaining to the association.

PVS Board of Directors, meeting in executive session, undertook the review of a key component of our organization . the administrative office. Recognizing the need to strengthen and achieve a high level of efficiency from that position, the board voted to discontinue the services of our current administrative contractor and not engage in a contractual renewal. In taking this action the board will begin an immediate search for both an administrator and a registrar. The search announcement will appear on the PVS website as well as in other advertising vehicles. It is anticipated to have the new administrative staff positioned in September. Outgoing administrative contractor will be retained to assist during the transitional phase.

Next, the board approved the establishment of a permanent PVS business office that is not to be located in a personal residence. Options and particulars for office space are currently being reviewed by the board. The expectation is to have retention of a business office in September.

There will be no disruption to the lines of communication for PVS. E-mail addresses, pvadmn@pvswim.org and register@pvswim.org remain the same. Mail sent to those addresses is now being redirected to my e-mail account. The PVS administrative office phone number and mailing address remain the same. For the interim, faxes should be sent to: 301-390-1056.

As a means of maintaining good continuity with day-to-day operations, several board members have been assigned, on an interim basis, various responsibilities through the completion of the administrative office transition. Members and assignments are:

John Ertter
Finance Vice Chair
All financial matters including disbursements.
Bill Stephens
Administrative Vice Chair (Elect)
Athlete, non-athlete and club registration for 2003. Also any other administrative matters that require attention.
703-532-5915 :
John Hirschmann
Operations Vice Chair
Meet announcements (PVS sponsored meets), sanctioning officer and pool procurement (PVS sponsored meets).

Be assured that the board and I are committed to having this transition period occur with no interruption in service. Our decisions and plans of action will no doubt elevate us to the highest levels of performance and service the membership so richly deserve. Stay tuned to the PVS website for further notices on the new staff and permanent office.

As always, thank you for your support. Please feel free to contact me or any board member with questions or comments.


Thirl Crudup
General Chairman