General Chairman's Report
March 3, 2003

This month's report highlights key takeaways from USA Swimming's LSC General Chair meeting, February 22-23, Tampa, FL.

  • USA Swimming Strategic Priorities for 2003
  • Maximize revenues, minimize expenses and develop and implement a plan that will result in ending the 2001-2004 quad with a positive operating balance; and establish as strong a financial base as possible for the next quad.
  • Produce a strategic plan for the new club development division, to include the establishment of specific goals and re-allocation of staff and resources.
  • Identify the new programs and services that will result from the dues increase, and incorporate these into the appropriate strategic plans and 2004 operating budget.
  • Hire a new national team director and ensure an effective transition before the 2003 world championships.
  • Stage a successful Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool and develop ongoing plans for the event in order to secure its stature as "a signature event" for USA Swimming.

  • USA Swimming Database Re-design
  • USA Swimming is in the process of upgrading its information technology capabilities by re-designing the databases used in the national office. This project is currently in the design phase, and the planned completion date will be sometime in late spring 2003. Main features of the new database system will:
  • Consolidate membership, times (NTV and Top 16) and many other of national's current 30+ databases into a single database.
  • Provide a password protected, browser-based program for LSCs to enter and manage membership information via the Internet replacing the current LSCWins program.
  • Provide a password protected, browser-based program for NTV and Top 16 writers to enter and manage time information via the Internet replacing the current STAR program.
  • Reduce and eliminate redundant and incorrect membership IDs using a member ID validation service.

  • Club Development Division
  • Current Initiatives and Activities include:
  • Develop strategic plan for new Club Development Division.
  • Review and evaluate all current club and LSC-directed programs and services.
  • Work in unison with the Dues Increase Task Forces to develop new programs, services and strategies for clubs.
  • Finalize New Club Membership procedures for the Registration/Membership Committee.
  • Update and enhance Club Toolbox.
  • Continue revision of Club Leadership and Business Management School to incorporate different types of club ownership models (currently geared more toward parent-owned clubs).

  • PVS Year-To-Date Registration Stats as of February 28, 2003
  • Athlete registration: 6,402
  • Non-Athlete registration: 495
  • Club registration: 33