Approved at 2018 HOD - 22 May 2018


Potomac Valley Swimming

Annual House of Delegates

Overlee Community Center

6030 Lee Highway

Arlington, VA 22205

May 23, 2017


·         Attendance – Voting Board Member: Bill Marlin, Tom Ugast, Ellen Colket, Mark Faherty, Blair Piddington, Rob Green, Tim Husson, Heather Purk, Evan Stiles, Dave DiNardo, Jack Neill, Merari Cholette, Murphy Freal (athlete). Club Representatives: Bob Walker-ASA, Manga Dalizu-FAST, Bruce Andersen – HACC, Joe Flaherty – JFD, Dan Jacobs – MACH, Spencer Ugast – NCAP, Aaron Dean – OCCS, Beth Sellers – PGKS, Mel Eldridge – RMSC, Ian Handerhan – SDS, Teresa Pliuskaitis – SNOW, John Tollefeson – TOLL, Greg York – YORK, Natalie Taylor – UMAC, Jim Garner – MCSL. At-Large Delegates: Dave Crocker – RMSC, Robbie Robbins – NCAP, Ward Foley, Linda Klopfenstein, Kurt Thiel, John Ertter. Athletes: Caroline Deluca – YORK, Reagan Foley – PM, Sarah Boyle – MACH, Madelyn Amich – NCAP, Sam Pliuskaitis – SNOW, Peter Lermo – MACH, Carolina Zubler – YORK, Atticus Bare – YORK, Olivia Hawkins – PGKS, Jonah Sichelmon – PGKS, Lauryn Boucree – NCAP, Lauren Eldridge – RMSC, Rita Chang – RMSC. Non-voting members: Sumie Emory, Denise Adams, Terri Marlin

·         Call to Order – The Meeting was called to order by the General Chair, Bill Marlin at 7:00 pm

o   Moment of Silence for all armed service men and women we have lost this last year

o   The Board of Directors were introduced.

o   Thank you to our staff.

o   Members on National Committee members were recognized.

o   Volunteer Recognitions – Marc Alverez and Dick Griffith both retired as PVS Officials. Dave Greene 10 years as Zone Team coordinator.

·         Proof of Quorum – There are a sufficient numbers of member clubs present to conduct official business.

·         Approval of May 2016 HOD – Motion to approve the minutes from the May 2016 HOD meeting, seconded and approved.

·         Approval of the Agenda – Motion to approve the agenda for tonight’s meeting as presented, seconded and approved.

·         Approval of Chair Reports – Motion to approve the Chair Reports as submitted, seconded and approved.

o   Pull the Budget items for discussion

·         General Chair comments on the State of the LSC – See report submitted by General Chair, Bill Marlin

·         Nominating Committee Report/Elections – Greg reported on the nomination report.

o   There are three positions running for board positions; General Chair, Finance and Senior Chair each position was asked three times if there were any nominations from the floor. Motion to close all nominations for General Chair, Finance Chair and Senior Chair, seconded and approved.

§  Tom Ugast, Ellen Colket and Mark Faherty each briefly introduced themselves.

o   Motion to approve Tom Ugast – General Chair, Ellen Colket – Finance Vice Chair and Mark Faherty – Senior Chair, by acclamation, seconded and approved.

o   There are three individuals running for the Diversity/Inclusion Chair position; Rob Green (incumbent), Yvonne Taylor and Russell Klosk. Are there any nominations from the floor was asked three times. Motion to close the nominations for Diversity/Inclusion, seconded and approved. Elections were held and ballots were counted by Nomination Chair, Greg York assisted by Linda Klopfenstein. Rob Green was elected.

o   Motion to destroy the ballots, seconded and approved.

·         Athletes in attendance and Athlete Committee members introduced themselves. They were thanked for attending and reminded that as athletes, they are important members of the LSC.

o   Lauren Eldridge from RMSC commented that the roles of athletes, who are on committees, are not really defined. Would like to request that the roles and responsibilities are defined in P&P/By-laws.

o   Motion to add the roles and responsibilities for the Athlete Committees and have the information added to P&P, seconded and approved.

·         Approval of the 2017-2018 Budget –

o   Motion to approved the budget as presented in the document posted in preparation in this meeting, seconded and approved.

§  Two handouts: a summary of this past year and for the next year, and a chart with projections

§  The final projections for 2016-2017 was presented.

·         There was a projected deficit $36,400, in actuality it will be about $6,200. Leaving PVS with a 68% reserve ratio for 2017, which is below the reserve rate we have in P&P.

o   The biggest factors for the decrease in deficit was due to the loss of a pool at January Open, associated meet fees and the change of summer LC Champ facility rentals.

o   Questions were asked regarding the difference in the projections vs the actual finances for 2017. John Ertter and Ellen Colket explained they went back as far as 2010 to make some corrections and adjustments in the actual numbers reflecting cash at hand/in reserve that ultimately affected the current budget numbers. They are both confident the numbers presented tonight best capture the finances for PVS.

·         Looking forward to 2018. We project that we will be around 66% at the end of the fiscal year.

o   We are projecting an increase in membership by 2.5%, we are removing the Spring Zone expenses, recommending to increase the entries fees for all PVS open (short course and long course) to $5 (from $4.50-SC and $4.75-LC)

o   Ellen reviewed the projections for 2018

o   The change to the SC Zone Meet for the Eastern Zone was explained. Without this meet, we have been able to remove that budget line items, and the PVS subsidy of $24,000.

o   Ellen presented all the revenue and expenses changes proposed in the 2018 budget.

o   We will need to look at P&P because it currently says a reserve not less than 75% and not greater than 125%.

o   Amendment to accept option #2, removal of Spring Zone Meet, increase the open meet fees (SC and LC) and add the Athlete Leadership camp, seconded and approved.

§  A member commented he feels our needs should focus on increasing participation, not increasing the fees

§  The new Flex membership option is an indicator that USAS is looking for us to increase membership. This change in membership status will affect our budget numbers. Yes, but it has to be approved at the USAS HoD first in September, so it will not affect the 17-18 projections.

§  Murphy Freal gave a brief overview of the proposed Athlete Leadership Camp. It will be 2 days in August at Takoma Park and they are donating the space. The focus will be on Athletes’ leadership and governance. USAS will be sending a representative to lead it. There will be an application process, with a max of 20 athletes from PVS. There is virtually no impact on the budget.

·         The question was called.

·         Committee Reports

o   Administrative – report submitted – we are continuing to grow as an LSC. Thanks for John, Terri and Sumie for all the work they do.

o   Finance – report submitted

o   Senior Chair – report submitted

o   AG Chair – report submitted

o   Operations – report submitted – A new Equipment Manager, Karyn McCannon, was hired.

o   Officials Rep – report submitted

o   Strategic Planning – report submitted

o   Diversity – report submitted

o   Safe Sport – report submitted, for Safe Sport, we are looking for an Athlete to be on the committee.

o   Safety/Open Water- Eastern Zone Open Water Championships is up in the air. Will post information once finalized.

o   Coaches Rep – Evan Stiles is up for election. Which will be held at the LC Champs. Heather Purk – Summer LC Zones will be on the website by June 1, deadline will be July 24.

o   Officials Chair – 554 Officials, roughly the same as last year. We will need more officials. Please encourage your parents to become officials. 34 clubs have at least one Official.

o   Webmaster – New site format was posted this past fall; the primary purpose was to make it easier to view on mobile devices. USA-S also has a new website and there are changes happening daily. PVS would like to recognize the HS Seniors, send us your lists of seniors.

§  Is there still a policy and tracking for the number of Officials on a club? Yes there is a policy and the BoD is working on getting all clubs in compliance.

o   Athlete Rep – Structure has changed and we lowered the age to be on the committees to 15, but the minimum age to be an Athlete Rep on the Board is still 16.

·         Old Business – Scholar Athletes still going, application will be posted around July 1. Please apply online. Due end of August.

·         New Business –

o   Motion to Grandfather the meet host fees of $1.15 for short course Open Meets and $1.50 for Long Course open meets for entry fees that are $5 or less. Withdraw the motion. It was clear in P&P as to what the meet host fee was.

o   Motion to adjust the reserve rate to not fall below 65% and no greater than 100%, seconded and approved.

§  For USA Swimming, their framework is very different from an LSC. They do not recommend reserve rates for LSCs. Other LSCs in the area run at about $1 million or one year of expenses in reserve which is also about $1 million.

§  The goal is to keep the budget within these parameters.

·         2018 HOD meeting – Tuesday, May 22, 2018

·         Motion to adjourn, seconded and approved.