Potomac Valley Board of Directors:

I am writing to you to ask for a $500.00 Coaches Continuing Education Grant. As you may or may not know, Potomac Marlins will be attending the NCSA Jr. Nationals Meet in Long Beach, CA in March. If this grant is given to Potomac Marlins, Steve Ercolano and myself will write up a report and present it at the next BOD and CCC Meetings. The report will explain if the meet is a viable meet, how it was run (format), attendance, if it was a success or failure and if it's something that PVS should consider funding travel for or not. A request has been issued to the BOD to consider funding for this new Jr. Nationals meet by the Comp. Committee. A better answer can be issued to the Coaches Comp. Comm. By the BOD if the BOD has a factual report to base their decision on.


Bill Marlin, Steve Ercolano
Potomac Marlins