Report of Nominating Committee
April 3, 2001

The Nominating Committee (as appointed by the General Chairman and approved by the Board of Director) consists of John Hirschmann, Linda Klopenstein and Bob Walker

The following positions will be elected by the PVS House of Delegates at its annual May meeting.

  • General Chairman
  • Senior Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Strategic Planning (unexpired term of Greg Stephenson)
  • Board of Review (3 positions)

The Nominating Committee has contacted all incumbents eligible to be reelected to determine if they wish to be stand for reelection. They have been nominated if they indicated they wished to do so. In addition, members of the Nominating Committee contacted individuals to determine if they would consider serving and other persons contacted the Nominating Committee to advise the Committee of their interest in serving.

The Nominating Committee plans to place before the House for their consideration the names of all individuals who have expressed a desire to be nominated. Names are listed in alphabetical order.

General Chairman
Thirl Crudup

Senior Chairman
Jim Garner

John Ertter

Strategic Planning (term to expire August 31, 2002)
Frank Persico
Greg York

Board of Review (3 to be elected)
Kerry Ellett
John Flanigan
Ward Foley
VJ Meleski
Kerstin Severin
Betsy Stevenson
Tim Sullivan

Note: One additional individual has recently approached a member of the Nominating Committee about running for the Board of Review, but has yet to make a decision whether they would like their name placed in nomination.

Note added April 18, 2001 --: Bill Stephens has advised that he would like his name placed in nomination for the Board of Review.