Report of the Nominating Committee

The following is the report of the Nominating Committee to be presented at the PVS House of Delgates Meeting on May 23, 2005. In addition to the names listed, nominations will be accepted from the floor; provided the nominee has given his/her prior consent to being nominated and he/she is willing to fulfill the duties of the office, if elected.

The following are the names to be put forward by the committee:

(vote for 1 for each of these 3 offices)

  • for General Chair = Jim Garner (incumbent)
  • for Treasurer = John Hirschmann (incumbent)
  • for Senior Chair = Don Riedlinger (incumbent)
            = Joel "Cy" Cyganiewicz
  • for Board of Review (vote for 3): Ward Foley (incumbent)
    Steed Edwards
    Marie Beth "Boots" Hall

    (Note: According to PVS by-laws, no person may serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.)

    May 17, 2005