FEBRUARY 29, 1999

Time & Place:7:00 pm, Kaufmann Conference Center

Attendees: M. Cohen, F. Persico, J. Garner, B. Brofft, J. Schaeffer, T. Ertter, B. Hall, J. Hirschmann, D. Griffith

The minutes to the December 7, 1999 meeting were reviewed and approved.

M. Cohen announced that Bob Brofft would be the Meet Referee at Senior Champs this year and that Jack Schaeffer would be the Administrative Referee. He also said that John Hirschmann would be the Meet Referee and Jim Garner the Administrative Referee at Eastern Zones to be held on March 30th through April 1st of this year. There was discussion about the condition of the PG pool (the site for the Zone meet) and the fact that this facility uses the Dektronics starting system rather than the Colorado starting system. There was a short discussion of the new challenge within our LSC that multiple starting systems will pose to our training format. Discussion postponed until a later time.

Selections were made for the USA Swimming Officials Clinic to be held in Lake Placid, New York around May 26, 2000. PVS can send 3 people. Boots Hall, Bob Richardson, and Chuck Bowers were selected with John Ertter selected as the alternative.

The staffing meeting for the Eastern Zone meet was set for March 14th at the Kaufmann Center. There was discussion about how to determine which out of town officials would be available to work the meet by this meeting date. It was determined that we would staff with our LSC officials and leave some holes for out of town officials to fill. If need be, we would rearrange assignments after hearing from out of town officials. In addition, it was decided that the attire for the final sessions would be blue blazers, white bottoms and ties.

Several issues were discussed concerning the Senior Champs:

  • Who would be the announcer? It was decided that we needed to have the Meet Director make this assignment.
  • Time trials would follow the Finals sessions.
  • Need to get with Don Smith on equipment for the meet. Would like to use the equipment in the best shape.
  • No recall starter would be needed.
  • Procedures on substitutions and positive check in were discussed.
  • Three short blasts would follow the last swimmer to touch wall.

The discussion turned to the Officials Roster on the Web site. It was decided that no telephone numbers or e-mail addresses would appear for the official's roster on the web site. It was also decided that the effective end date for certification by official would be posted on the site.

Bob Brofft gave a short status overview of the Stroke and Turn testing statistics to date. He concluded that about half of the test were for new officials and half for re-certifications. The meeting date of May 18th was set to discuss officials recruiting and how to more effectively interact with the club's official chairs.

Tyanna Ertter was thanked for providing a meeting place at the Kaufmann Conference Center.

The final portion of the meeting was spent on selecting officials for the Senior Champs meet.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.