JUNE 6, 2000

Time & Place:Meeting conducted by tele-conference,
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Attendees: Marty Cohen, Arvydas Barzdukas, Bob Brofft, Jim Carey, Tyanna Ertter, Jim Garner, Dick Griffith, Boots Hall, John Hirschmann

Officials awards: Congratulations were offered to Boots Hall, who was named to receive the Phillips 66 Outstanding Service Award, which was presented at the House of Delegates meeting.

Marty Cohen asked that USA Swimming has requested nominations for top officials from each LSC, and he requested that committee members submit nominations to him as soon as possible for consideration.

Daktronics timing equipment: Use of the PGSLC facility for PVS meets means that officials will need to become proficient using the Daktronics electronic timing equipment. Most of the functions are similar to corresponding operations on the Colorado timing console. We intend to compile simple "cheat sheet" guidance for distribution to all PVS Referees and ETS operators. Officials who have operated the equipment at Zones or at meets this summer are requested to send their suggestions for items to include to John Hirschmann and Don Smith. One item of particular note for Timing Judges is that the Dak does adjust the button times as the Colorado system does.

Windows version of Hy-Tek: The committee discussed when and how to upgrade Hy-Tek software to the current Windows version. This new version has a number of improvements compared to the current DOS version, such as the ability to automate the computation of timing system adjustments for timing system malfunction, easy scratch-and-replace, and improved user interface and feedback on meet operations. Comments from officials who have used the new version indicate that the transition from DOS operations is fairly easy. The committee recommends that plans for conversion be undertaken, including creating new training materials, and scheduling transition clinics for Refs and Hy-Tek operators who have been previously trained on the DOS version. These transition clinics would be separate from training of new Hy-Tek operators, and may be conducted in conjunction with scheduled meets similar to the clinics that we conducted to usher in the new whistle starting protocols throughout the LSC. This upgrade should be made in conjunction with replacement of the PVS laptop computer systems due to the increased resource requirements of Windows programs compared to DOS programs.

Over-the-top starts: We discussed the use of over-the-top starting procedures, which would start subsequent heats while previous heat swimmers were still in the water as a means of expediting meets. After discussion of the safety and administrative implications, the consensus was that it should not be considered. In general, the committee feels that the potential for problems and risk of injury exceed the potential benefit of time savings.

National Rules Committee issues: Arvydas reported on actions that had been considered by USA Swimming. There are no anticipated rules changes that affect "in the water" aspects of swimming. A proposal to adopt the FINA language on breaststroke and butterfly was rejected. A proposal to strike the language prohibiting standing in the gutter after a backstroke start was rejected. The use of a recall rope is now at the Referee's discretion. There was some discussion of clubs "franchising" - affiliating with clubs in other LSCs to consolidate into stronger teams for regional or national competitions.

Summer league clinic certification: We agreed to continue the past practice of permitting officials to obtain PVS credit for attendance at summer league Stroke & Turn clinics, provided that they are conducted with PVS-approved instructors, and that separate records are kept for PVS attendance purposes. Currently, qualifying clinics are scheduled from NVSL (5), MCSL (1), CSL (2), PMSL (1), and Herndon (1). The instructors have been asked to try to motivate summer league officials to become PVS-certified. We intend to try to notify PVS clubs that parents from their clubs have attended summer league clinics to help in recruiting them for PVS duties.

2000-2001 tests received: Marty indicated that he has received the new tests, and will distribute them (with answers) to the test graders. The old tests will continue to be graded until Aug 31, 2000. After that point, only the new tests will be accepted.

PVS Mini-Camp: Kerry Ellet and Greg York conducted the recent PVS Mini-Camp. They gave an excellent appeal to parents of minis to get involved in officiating. We hope to attract more parents of younger swimmers to keep fresh blood flowing into the officiating ranks.

Fall 2000 official's training clinics: We agreed to conduct clinics similar to our recent practice in the Fall. Boots and Tyanna were asked to schedule 2 Starter clinics (VA and MD), a 1st time Referee clinic, a Referee recertification clinic, and at least 4 Stroke and Turn clinics, distributed throughout VA and MD. These will be announced when times and places have been secured.

Club Official's Chairs: Marty intends to ask all PVS clubs to update their designation of official's chairs to get designations current. The goal is to conduct our annual meeting with official's chairs earlier in the Fall, before the scheduled official's clinics. We want to engage the club official's chairs to actively recruit people to attend the Fall clinics. Committee club liaisons should get these updated by the end of June.

Officials for Sr. Champs: Marty Cohen solicited nominations for Meet Ref and Admin Ref for the upcoming LC Sr. Champs. (Subsequent to the meeting, Frank Persico agreed to serve as Meet Ref, and Lynee Phelps agreed to serve as Admin Ref.) Assignment of deck officials will be the focus of our next meeting on July 6.

Use of funds from Dave Davis Memorial Fund: The committee discussed and recommended use of funds from the Dave Davis Fund to purchase additional copies of the new USA Swimming Stroke & Turn Judge tape for distribution to the active PVS clubs in order to encourage development of additional interest in officiating throughout the clubs.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm. Next meeting is set for July 6th, 2000 at 7:00 pm at Tyanna Ertter's office, 2101 L St. NW, Washington DC.