FEBRUARY 8, 2001

Call to Order
Chairman Marie-Beth "Boots" Hall called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m. in the offices of Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky in Washington, DC. Present were Ms. Hall, Frank Persico, Vice Chairman, Bob Brofft, Tyanna Ertter, Sumie Emory, Dick Griffith, John Hirschmann, Lynee Phelps and Bob Richardson.

Short Course Championships Ms. Hall noted that Ron Whalen had agreed to be the administrative referee for the Short Course Championships to be held on March 1-4, 2001. Dick Griffith volunteered to be meet referee for the Thursday, John Hirschmann the Friday session, Boots Hall the Saturday sessions and Frank Persico did the same for the Sunday sessions. The committee will meet on February 21, 2001 to do the remainder of the staffing for the meet.

Ms. Hall noted that Frank Ching from New England Swimming would be the meet referee. Jim Garner will be the administrative referee. Three others would be deck referee including Boots and Cheryl Lepisto from Maryland Swimming. Four starters have been named including Lynee Phelps and George Homewood of Virginia Swimming. Dottie Daniels will be the head starter. Frank Persico will be the meet announcer.

Committee Assignments
Lynee Phelps agreed take over for Jim Carey and be the grader for all Starter and Referee tests effective next season. John McDonald agreed to relieve Bob Brofft as the grader of all Stroke and Turn tests effective next season. [Note: Subequently, it was decided that John McDonald would grade all tests for Virginia officials and Lynee Phelps would do the same for Maryland and DC officials.] Sumie Emory agreed to take over as secretary from Jack Schaeffer, effective immediately.

Referee Sign-off Checklist
Ms. Hall requested that the members review the starter sign-off check list and begin thinking of ways to compile a similar sign-off sheet for new referees. This item will be handled at a subsequent meeting of the committee. She noted she used the January 2001 Referee clinic to get some initial ideas for the check list.

Clinics, Training Methods and Facility Selection
Clinics were discussed at length. It was decided that the clinic format from the past fall worked well and should be continued, especially using the Open meets as venues for training of Stroke and Turn clinics. The winter/spring format was less effective and it was decided that Stroke and Turn clinics would only be offered at the Open meets as an experiment. It was further decided that rather than have one person coordinate the clinic facilities and one person coordinate clinic instruction, that we could do this is a different way. Bob Richardson agreed to do scheduling, site selection and instructor staffing for the Maryland portion of the LSC and Bob Brofft agreed to do the same for the Virginia portion. Last, it was decided that the course outline developed by Mr. Brofft should be used at all Stroke and Turn clinics.

Name Tags
PVS purveyor of nametags, John Drupa, has been out of the country for some time now and there is a backlog of nametag work to be done. Lynee Phelps agreed to look into taking over this responsibility and report back to the committee.

Committee Members
Ms. Hall noted that Chuck Bowers was no longer a member of the committee and that we need to consider new people to join. She has asked that the committee members forward possible candidates to her.

The committee will meet on February 21, 2001 to finish staffing the PVS SCY Championship Meet. The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.