Montgomery Aquatic Center
SEPTEMBER 29, 2001

Present: Boots Hall, Frank Persico, Dick Griffith, John Hirschmann, Lynee Phelps, Jim Carey, Bob Richardson, Jim Garner.

The meeting was called to order immediately following the Referee Clinic by Chairman Boots Hall, at the Montgomery Aquatics Center, Rockville, MD.

The following items were discussed:

  1. Reviewed list of attendees at First-time Referee Clinic. A new initiative was decided on to keep track of referees in training. Mentors for each prospective referee were appointed. They are as follows:

    Trainee Referee Mentor
    Rita Page Jim Carey
    Janet Coxe Boots Hall
    Jared Wisor Bob Richardson
    Mike O'Brien Frank Persico
    Art Davis Lynee Phelps
    Tim Husson John Hirschmann
    Elizabeth Jester To be decided (Tyanna Ertter was selected).

    Last year's class of referee trainees have not all completed their training. Will check on them and get mentors for those who haven't finished.

  2. The decision was made that the following meets would be National Certification Meets during the 2001-02 season: Joe Jacoby Holiday Invitational; March Short Course Sectional; Senior Championships in March; and Summer Long Course Sectional. The PVS Officials Committee will take the lead in staffing those meets. For the December meet, Jim Garner volunteered to be Meet Referee with Bob Richardson volunteering to be Administrative Referee. Officials will also be expected to work at least one session of the other PVS championship meets if they wish to receive National Certification.

  3. An outside Meet Referee will be asked for the March Sectional. Kit Mathews, Boots Hall, Pat Lunsford and Joanne Faucett will agree on a candidate.

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for just before the December meet in order to do the staffing and consider any other business that arises.

The meeting was adjourned after 40 minutes to allow the Stroke and Turn Clinic to be held on time.