JANUARY 23, 2002

Call to Order
Chairman Marie-Beth "Boots" Hall called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the offices of Arthur Andersen in Washington, DC. Present were Ms. Hall, Arvydas Barzdukas, Bob Brofft, Jim Carey, Sumie Emory, Dick Griffith, John Hirschmann, and Frank Persico.

Selecting participants from PVS to USA Officials Workshop in Colorado Springs
This year's Officials Clinic will be held at Colorado Springs from May 10 to May 12. Sumie Emory and Dave Macedonia were selected.

Staffing for the Senior Championship Meet (2/28/02-3/2/02)
The Senior Short Course Championship meet will be held at Prince George's County Sports and Learning Complex. We will ask Ron Whalen to be the Referee and Lynee Phelps to be the Administrative Referee. Bob Richardson will be an alternate for the Referee. After some discussion, Ms. Hall suggested not to have the staffing committee meeting due to scheduling problems. Frank will work on the staffing with help of Ron and Lynee using e-mails.

Review of the Referee training
Over the weekend, five new Referees were certified. They are Tim Husson, Jared Wisor, Dave Mengering, Elizabeth Jester, and Art Daves. Jim Garner was the mentor for Jared, John Hirschmann for Tim, Frank for Dave, Boots for Elizabeth and Art. The Referee Mentor program gave opportunities to persons who are close to being certified. The key is to let trainees do the jobs.

Review of the Referee and Starter Check-off lists We will add the following items to the Referee and Starter Check-off lists:

  • Make sure the security is secure (like whether lifeguards are up).
  • Make sure that crowd controls are in place.
  • Make sure where to find the first aid.
  • Broadcast any security related notes to all Referees for the meet via e-mail.

There was a security related incident at Fairland Aquatics during the PVS meet in December. A person was suspiciously filming swimmers on the deck and was asked to leave the facility.

Review of the Clinic attendance report
The list was presented separately. We reviewed the Clinic report prepared by Sumie. The report shows that the club sponsored clinics during the meets received good attendance. The success was that we came to our customers. Ms. Hall will update the list as officials pay dues and finish certifications. Our communication route is officials to the club officials chair, then to the officials committee, and vise versa.

Other Business
Bob Brofft reported that his club had problem getting officials registration cards. Other clubs reported that they have the same problems.

The committee will meet during the Sectional meet, then will decide the next meeting date. Ms. Hall reminded us that the application for officiating the Sectional meet is available at the PVS web site. She encouraged everyone to apply. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Sumie T. Emory