JUNE 4, 2002

Call to Order
Chairman Marie-Beth "Boots" Hall called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the office of Arthur Andersen in Washington, DC. Present were Ms. Hall, Arvydas Barzdukas, Bob Brofft, Jim Carey, Sumie Emory, Jim Garner, Dick Griffith, John Hirschmann, Bob Richardson, Jack Shaffer, and our guest, Dave Macedonia.

Report from USA Officials Workshop in Colorado Springs
Dave Macedonia and Sumie Emory attended the Officials Clinic at Colorado Springs from May 10 to May 12. Dave thanked the committee for sending him to the very useful workshop. There was an emphasis placed on starting procedures. He reported that starters and referees were cautionedl not to charge a swimmer with a false start for incidental movement (e. g., twitching or flinching) unrelated to the start -- particularly if it is so minor it could not be clearly seen in the lanes farthest from where the referee and starter are standing. Sumie briefed the committee about the two-day workshop and summarized topics by each speaker. Both Dave and Sumie felt that our LSC and California were quite advanced compared to others. Sumie also reported that the Governance Study Report is out and available online for reviewing and downloading. Jim Garner and Arvydas urged us to read the report and give some thoughts before we make any judgment. Sumie also reported that the Colorado System for Relay take-off judging may be coming into greater use. Arvydas said that he volunteered John Hirschmann for evaluating data on visual versus electronic judging of take-offs and what a future USA Swimming rule on this topic might say.

Report from USA Rules Committee Meeting
Arvydas Barzdukas briefed us about the USA Rules and Regulations Committee meeting. The committee reviewed all the proposed rule changes. It was a long meeting and the committee reviewed proposed rule changes (both wording and substantive) pertaining to relays, USA Swimming records, Sectionals, spring championship meets, return of Juniors, disability judging, etc.

Senior Long Course Officials Staffing
The Senior Long Course Championship meet will be held at the University of Maryland, July 11 to July 14, 2002. We nominated Jim Garner for Admin. Referee and Jim Carey for Meet Referee. Both accepted the assignments and will report to Frank about it. The Age Group Long Course Championship will be held the same days and the same place, but PVS will not assume responsibility for statfing this meet. Frank will get in touch with the sponsoring club, OCCS, to make sure they are aware of their responsibilities to staff this meet. Starting next year, the age group long course championship may be the 14 and Under meet and the meet may be held in the morning and/or evening hours. It is currently in the afternoon to avoid conflicts with summer league meets.

New Forms
John Hirschmann presented two forms that might be useful for some meets. One was "No Show for Event Report" and another was a timer sheet for a long distance event. The Committee was reluctant to add more forms than necessary, but the "No-Show-Report" might be useful.

Maxwell Award Nomination
Ms. Hall announced that she received six nominees for the Maxwell Award. They were Bob Brofft, John Broten, Bob Richardson, Jim Van Erden, Jared Wiser, and Ron Whalen. All committee members who attended the meeting voted, and the PVS nominee for this year is Ron Whalen. Ms. Hall will inform Ron and we need his picture for the Swimming World magazine.

Hy-Tek Networking
Jim Garner and Bob Richardson reported that they experimented with the Hy-Tek meet manager networking feature during the Maryland State Meet. They explained that all events were positive check-in required, two computers were networked, and psych sheets were printed by clubs and then given to coaches. They said that the networking two computers for simultaneously updating the meet database worked very well without any glitches. As a result, the meet went considerably faster because positive check-in can be run more efficiently for all events. The committee members suggested that we should have two Hy-Tek computers and fast printers for all meets. For Hy-Tek networking, we asked Jim and Bob to document the detail, write the layout guidelines, and continue experimenting.

Other Business
Bob Brofft reported that there had been continuous problems in the PVS administration and registration. He would like to know anything we can do to improve the situation. After some discussion, we agreed that the PVS board should start looking for a new person to take over the PVS administration after current staff's contracts expire.

Ms Hall reported that there are 5 questions about Masters swimming all certification and recertification tests.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Sumie T. Emory