DECEMBER 1, 2002

Members present: Boots Hall, Bob Brofft, Jim Carey, Bob Richardson, Frank Persico, Jack Schaeffer, John Hirschmann, Dick Griffith, Jim Garner, Lynee Phelps Guests: PVS Adapted Swiming co-chairs Pamela Starke-Reed and Don Riedlinger

The meeting convened at 7:40 pm at Boots' house in Fairfax. Boots introduced Pamela and Don as the new Adaptive Swimming co-chairs. Pamela will focus on Virginia and Don will focus on Maryland and DC. Pamela and Don spoke about PVS Adaptive Swimming. Many suggestions were offered on how to find disabled swimmers in our area, but the primary concern was to find local swim clubs and coaches who would happily accept disabled swimmers. Pamela and Don will work with the local summer leagues to encourage participation. Pamela and Don will also represent PVS in Colorado Springs and bring back ideas to get the PVS Adaptive Swimming program moving forward.

John spoke about the recent World Cup held on Long Island. He described the new National evaluations for deck officials at a national meet and suggested PVS may want to consider using this type of evaluation at our National Certification meets. He also told us about the clinics that would be offered by National Championship officials at every national meet. World Cup offered a Starter's Clinic given by JR Pooler.

There was some discussion about the new requirements for block height as it relates to pool depth. The consensus was that the majority of PVS pools meet the requirements already, with a few pools still to be checked.

Jack Shaeffer brought up the subject of a call at a recent Masters meet. In breaststroke, an older swimmer initiated his pullout with his arms crossed. The decision was that this was illegal because the arms are not in the same plane. Boots had asked the opinion of Arvydas Bardzukas of the national rules committee on the subject.

Boots reported on the fall clinics. One referee clinic was held at MAC and was very well attended. A small makeup clinic will be held at Boots' house for those who need to recertify but couldn't make the fall clinic. There are five referees trainees in the pipeline from this fall. Starter clinics were held in both Maryland and Virginia with 23 attendees (14 of them new). Five Stroke and Turn clinics were held in VA and one in MD (63 potential stroke and turn judges were at the clinics). Many PVS officials who live in MD certifications expire at the end of this year. More clinics will be offered in MD to encourage both new and recertifying officials there. One clinic each for Hy-Tek and Colorado were held in MD; more of these clinics are also needed. Bob R. will look into getting a facility in MD (probably MAC) for January clinics. Some clubs either have no Officials Chair and/or no officials to help staff the numerous meets, so PVS needs to continue to encourage participation.

Deck uniforms and hand-raising after a DQ were discussed. Boots will send a note to all Officials chairs to remind everyone of the proper attire and protocols.

Everyone enthusiastically approved of Sumie as the new PVS Registrar. PVS is still looking into office space.

Boots handed out material from Joel Black on decertification for us to read.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45.

Respectfully submitted:

Lynee Phelps
committee member