FEBRUAY 24, 2004

Held at Boots Hall's house in Fairfax at 7:00 pm

Attending were Boots Hall, Pamela Starke-Reed, Jim VanErden, Rita Page Arvydas Bardzukas, and Art Davis.

  1. Jim Van Erden will take officials names for Sr Champs at GMU in March. This will be interesting as it will be swum short course for prelims and long course for finals. Ron Whalen and Jim Garner will be Admin Referees. Hall will be Meet Referee..
  2. The starters who are working on their referee qualifications were discussed. Several are taking two years to complete the process.
  3. No date was set for the next officials meeting, to be held at Jim Carey's Office at 7 pm. It is expected to be in May.