SEPTEMBER 19, 2004

Members present: Boots Hall Chairman, Jim Carey, Jim Van Erden, Jim Thompson, Jerry Wisor, Sue Schwartz, Art Davis, Denise Wepasnick and Rita Page.

The meeting convened at 4:15 pm at Jim Van Erdens' House.

New Referees: We reviewed the list of potential candidates and agreed to invite Jack Moody, Drury Norris, Jennifer Stevens, Steve Traylor MaryAnn Gibeily, Lou Hepp, Eileen Jewison and Bob Anderson to the New Referees clinic.

Meet Quality: Jim Thompson developed a Survey Form to have completed at each session of a meet by the referee and/or meet manager. A few suggestions and changes were made and Jim will rework the form and have ready for meets this season. Jim also developed a means of tracking officials as each meet by completing a simple form on the laptop.

PVS Board Strategy Paper: Jim Van Erden pass along information discussed at the Strategic Planning session regarding meet quality and other issues and will email the paper that was discussed at that meeting.

National Certification: Art Davis wanted to know which meets national certification would be available at this year. These will be the same as in year's past, the Spring Champs and the Long Course Champs.

Upcoming Clinics: Boots asked Denise Wepasnick to begin to help teach the Starters clinics and Jared Wisor to help with the Stroke & Turn clinics in Maryland and Art Davis to help with Stroke and Turn clinics in Virginia. She would like to hold more clinics throughout the year than in the past to help encourage a growing number of officials.

Discussed "on the deck" training for Colorado Operators who are unable to attend the clinic. It was decided that they should work 5 sessions instead of the normal three required and that they should train with one or more of the following: John McDonald, Jim Garner, Bob Richardson, Don Smith, Jim Thompson, Art Davis, Jim Van Erden, Tim Husson, Sue Schwartz, Jack Schaeffer, Bob Anderson, Keith Leach, and Pam Starke-Reed. Boots will check to see their willingness to serve as trainers.

Newsletter: Denise asked for any items that should go into the next issue be emailed to her. All feel newsletter is a great idea and Denise is doing a wonderful job.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next Meeting: TBD

Respectfully submitted,
Rita Page
Committee Member